Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am seeing today what I have always known to be true.  JESUS LOVES HIS LITTLE CHILDREN!!! Our dear sweet friends from our travel group, The Kishpaughs' received a HUGE surprise phone call this morning telling them that their sweet son are now THEIRS!!!  This was total unexpected news, as they had heard on Friday that there was no MOWCYA letter written for their family.  PRAISE GOD!!!  I love their two sons, and it melts my heart to know that God moved big on their behalf!

The Mason family received their own surprise phone call on Monday, after learning that their family had also received a rejection letter for their adoption of their son!  However.......yesterday, God MOVED on their behalf and they heard the words, "HE IS YOURS!"

Our precious friends, The Boosalis and Klein families are s-t-i-l-l awaiting final news of their MOWCYA approval, and hope to hear the GOOD news TOMORROW that each of their daughters are THEIRS as well!!  

Confused?  Well, God moved the courts to stay open this week to further consider MOWCYA opinions on cases in which letters had already been written by last Friday.  It does appear that some cases that were rejected have, and may continue to be, reversed this week!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  More kiddos are COMING HOME SOON!!!!

The Somers' are still waiting with baited breath that maybe MOWCYA will see the updated HS that was already in the dossier but somehow missed, and The Russell family is still waiting to hear the reason behind their rejection letter.  So there is still a chance for these two families as well!

This is AMAZING movement for all of these children!  Go, God!

Of course, I cannot help but get on my knees in continued prayer for a miracle for our son as well.  I hesitate to allow hope to well up in my heart, because I know that every adoption case is different, and our agency told us that it would not be possible to obtain the information MOWCYA needs from our orphanage in time.  It should be easy to get the information, but just not easy to get it before closures.

However.......OUR GOD IS A BIG-HUGE GOD!  I do not want to be limited by what AWAA says. They are so good at being honest and preparing us for what may come, but I just feel the need to listen to their advice, but CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR A MIRACLE simultaneiously!

I hesitated to post anything that might lead you to think we have a chance.  According to AWAA we do not.  I hear that.  I respect that.  I appreciate the honesty.

Yet.......I feel compelled to PRAY for God to part the Red Sea for us!!!  Until that judge officially ceases to enter that court office, I cannot sit idly by without BELIEVING for our miracle!  

Is my heart guarded?  Sure.  Am I a bit afraid of God's final plan for this chapter of our adoption?  Yes, a bit.  (but I KNOW His plan for us is for GOOD and not harm; for HOPE and a future!)  Do I trust our agency to do all that they can on our behalf?  You bet!  

Do I believe my God wants to bless our family abundantly?  A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y!!!!

Now, how such abundant blessings will be bestowed upon us is up to God.  More than anything, we want to be in His Divine will for us, for Baby K and for our family.  Yes, even if that means we have to wait longer to bring home our precious son (remind me of this in a few days).

It's just that.......until there is no way, I choose to believe that GOD CAN MAKE A WAY!!!!

My precious friend, Tracy Autry shared a great verse with me on Friday.  I have clung to it and will continue to ~ regardless of the result of these extended open court days......

"...For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn't believe even if someone told you about it."   Habukuk 1:5,  NLT 

Whether there is still a chance for "our own day" to be this week......or a day in months to come......the TRUTH is.....God IS working to bring us together as a family.  I continue to trust in that.  Regardless of what I can see.  

In Christ lies my true hope.  And strength.

Dear Lord, we once again come to you, asking you to MOVE mountains for our little baby K.  Whether this weeks GREAT NEWS includes news of our son's homecoming or not, I THANK YOU for all you are doing on behalf of so many of these children!  You are moving this MOWCYA mountain for so many families, and it is priceless to witness.  My heart aches to be a part of these miracles, Lord.  How I yearn to hear "HE IS YOURS!"  However, I cannot deny all the GOOD you are doing, loving these sweet precious children HOME.  However things go the rest of this week, we know that we know that you love our son.  And your ways are higher than our ways.           AMEN.


Abby said...

Praying for a miracle!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen! Loving the way you glorify God in your thoughts, your prayers, and your expectant trust in His divine will! Continuing to go before the throne on your behalf!

Tiffygator said...

Wow, I didn't realize they were staying open this week. We will get back on our knees! If the court is open, God can make it happen!

Angi: Tim Cooper said...

Praying for miracles....

Alison said...


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