Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UPDATE...from Germany

SO Sorry for not posting since Day 3 in Ethiopia!  Our days are so FULL and time has flown by!  We have been totally enthralled with baby K!!!  We were so BUSY each day in ET, and now we are staying in Germany for our "baby moon."  Germany has been good to us, though our hearts are still in Ethiopia.

We are finally able to connect to internet, so I will give you a quick update and post more as time allows, or at least pick up from Day 3 upon our return home (this Friday, USA time).

Our Court Date had both good and bad news.  No MOWCYA letter.....BUT all five families were cleared by the judge!  Once our MOWCYA letter gets written, we will PASS COURT!!!  Still a big step toward finalizing our adoption of our precious son!

Please join us in praying that our letter, as well as the other four familie's letters  get arrive BEFORE COURT CLOSURES on August 7th! That does not leave us much time, but our God is BIGGER than all circumstances, trends, statistics, etc.

God, may you show up BIG on our behalf!!!!

Our hearts were heavy on Saturday, our last day with our sweet son.  Still not sure how you say "see ya soon" to your sweet baby boy and then fly half way across the world!  Please join us in praying that K knows and feels our love ~ even now, when we can no longer hold him every day.  

I will try to post more before we leave Germany (Friday) otherwise, you will hear from me on Saturday, as we return home Friday night.  I will pick up from Day 3 so you can experience it with me and so that we can remember every. single. precious. moment.

Poor hubby is sick and is currently napping as I "catch up" on FB and here, now that I finally have internet access again!  Who would have thought our internet access would be better in ET than Germany!  Huh. to wake Jeff up......for some shopping in Rothenburg!

Know that although we left part of us with K, in ET, we are PRAISING GOD for all that He has done thus far in our adoption. We are trusting Him to bring our son home soon.  And we thank each one of you for your steadfast friendship and prayers on our behalf.  YOU BLESS US!!!!


Elle J said...

Ah, praying for that MOWA letter and for your hubby's health to return. Trust in Him for He is with you and your son, He's not leaving either of you. I hope you both find rest and fun in Germany before coming home. =)

Anonymous said...

My dashboard has felt a little empty this last week or so! I've missed you! :) :)
So glad to hear you are enjoying some time together in Germany. Praying for K and for passing court too! Cannot wait to read about your time with your sweet boy! Safe travels!


The Davidsons said...

Looking forward to hearing about the details of your trip when you get home. Praying that MOWCYA letter comes in soon so you can share some pictures of K!!!

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