Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ETHIOPIA - DAY 3 (Tuesday)

Okay, tried to post this last night (Tuesday night) but internet was down............

Another great day in ET!

We were in the van by 7am on the way to Embracing Hope daycare center, just outside of Korah.  Korah is the Addis Ababa city dump.....and people live in it. They dig in the trash to find their food for the day! Embracing Hope provides daycare for children of single mothers from Korah who want to work. EH provides so much more than care for the day, they provide meals and medicine when needed, clothing, transportation to doctor appts.....the list goes on! Such an amazing outreach! And here is the kicker!......Jerry used to pastor a Vineyard church!...he and his wife know our pastor! I highly recommend you check out this incredible ministry's website! www.embracinhhopeethiopia.com
 Standing on the top patio of the Day Care Center.

View from the rooftop.  The Outdoor Play Area.

 Having lunch.

Rooftop: Korah in the background.
(hard to see in the fog and pollution)

Jerry, Chritsy and their family.

We were then off to see our sweet babes! We had "K" in our arms by 9:30am! Awesome! Our sweet baby was half asleep when I got him from the crib, and was taking another cat nap in my arms in a matter of minutes. So sweet!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed playing with the older Transition House children, when they came out for their recess (they go to school at the infant Transition House).....as "K" slept in my arms through all the noise.  Guess he's used to sleeping with noise. {grin}  We also enjoyed loving on our friend's children! Some have not yet met their parents, others are waiting for them to return for Embassy - which means they can GO HOME!

After lunch........we went.......SHOPPING!!!!

The Post Office Area is known for its shopping.  Outdoor tents holding many Ethiopia memoirs.  We were able to find a genuine ET outfit for baby "K," a top for Daddy and a dress for me!  We also bought three nickel (or are they sterling silver?) crosses that we will use as Christmas ornaments, though Jeff wants to wear one as a necklace and then we will give it to "K" at some point.  We also got a coffee pot with cute tiny coffee cups that they use in their coffee ceremonies.  A scarf, zebra and giraffe pull toys, and a few ET decor were also part of the excursion.  All that in like 50 minutes of shopping!  Okay, so maybe it became 60 minutes.......everyone was kind enough to wait for Jeff and me to finish up.  {I can hear my dad chuckling now}

The wonderful day was ended with a trip to the Boston Day Spa.  Wow.  That's all I can say.  Definitely NOT something you picture finding in ET.  The owner created a spa in Boston and then returned to his homeland of ET to employ his native peeps.  POSH!!!!  This was set up by our wonderful agency AWAA, and let me tell you every one of us was so appreciative!  I went for the massage and manicure.  SO relaxing and the french manicure looks great!  THANK YOU AWAA!!!!!  I will admit it is a bit crazy how inexpensive this wonderful treatment was.......a different world over here......

The rest of the night was spent at the Guest House gabbing with the wonderful peeps we are bonding with during this amazing chapter of our journey!
Jonas and David ~ AWAA coordinator and driver...
 and new friends of ours!

We then went up to our room, hearts full of LOVE for our Heavenly Father and son, baby K; JOY for the friendships we are forming with fellow AWAA families; and GRATITUDE for our agency and the incredible coordinators and drivers that are making our stay I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your daily blog! I am living vicariously through you two/three (heehee). What an amazing journey you are going through. I can't wait to hear more stories and see your pictures.

Melissa B.

Meleah said...

Another day closer to taking baby "K" home:) So happy for you!!!

Elle J said...

You are probably headed towards bed - excited to awake to the 21st and the excitement of Court Day!! I am praying, while you sleep, for you and all that tomorrow entails. God's perfect timing is always with you!!

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