Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Let me update you on some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things God has been up to lately!.........

Jeff and I bought quite a few donations for the precious children in Ethiopia to take on our first trip.  We decided to extend an invite to anyone who may feel lead to add to our donations, and the "donation drive" has been extremely blessed!  We are FULL to overflowing!  Praise God!  He has moved so many hearts to join us in buying things for these precious children in ET!  SO MUCH SO, in fact.........

That we have EIGHT containers (2 suitcases and 6 bins) FULL of love for these kiddos!  This started to raise concern as to HOW we were going to come up with the $800 we are going to be charged for our extra luggage when traveling.  {YES!  You read that right!  $200/extra bin!}

Well, we gave it up to God and asked Him to show us how much He wanted us to take this trip.  And He did!  He showed up BIG!!!  In literally 24 hours, He provided ~ though donations of generous friends who also wanted to love on these precious children! ~ the FULL $800!!!  I kid you not!  The charges for the extra luggage was COVERED within 24 hours!!!!  


When He wants His children cared for, He provides a way!  He only asks us to say "Okay!"  And so many of you have said "Okay" alongside of us, with joyful and giving hearts!  Whether you donated items or funds to help cover the luggage fees, or gave money to buy things over there in ET.......we are using your money EXACTLY as you have requested, and we cannot THANK each one of you ENOUGH for playing your part!!!!

Here is another God story that happened today!.........

Jeff and I had to request an extension for our fingerprints, as they are only valid for one year.  However, our gov't made a mistake and put 8.3.11 as Jeff's expiration date instead of the accurate date of 8.31.11.  Well, we sent off our letter for the extension, but had not heard from them.  So, Jeff hounded USCIS for an update on our case and at first she tried to brush him off and say we were at the bottom of her pile, so she wouldn't even get to our case until the end of the month!!!!  

When Jeff explained the mistake on USCIS side, she looked up our file, saw that he was correct ~ offered to make a correction AND faxed him a letter of invitation for us to get printed!!!!  Talk about God's POWER!!!!!  She couldn't assign Jeff a date until late Aug, but suggested that we try to go in today and see if they would re-fingerprint us early.  We tried.  

The fingerprint guy had just gone off-shift when we arrived.  The front guard was sweet and said we would have to come back and wait for anyone ahead of us with an assigned appt for that day, but she thought we could get printed tomorrow, if we could wait around indefinitely.  GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!!!  

After we explained our predicament that we leave the country in three days, she phoned the supervisor........and he asked her to open the doors at 7:30am (they open at 8am on Wed!) on our behalf!  WHAT!?!?!?  He personally gave us an appt before the office is even suppose to open!  The fingerprint man was there (but clocked out) and he said he would be happy to print us early!  WHAT!?!?  Government personnel going out of their way on our behalf!!!???!!!????!!????  GOD IS ON THE MOVE!!!!!!!  So, we get our fingerprints done TOMORROW morning before work!!!!  AND.....because it is before the (incorrect) expiration date of 8.3.11, it is still going to be a free extension!!!!  {we would have had to pay again if all of this was not expedited today}

AMAZED.  GOD is moving mountains and parting the Red Sea for us!  Just as our pastor's wife had asked Him to do throughout the remainder of our journey on this road to adopting baby "K!"  AWE-STRUCK.  Truly.

We are SOOOOOO EXCITED to meet our sweet, precious son!!!  And being able to love on these other children is icing on the sweetest cake ever!!!!  {smile}

Yes.  God moves.  BIG.  He stirred our hearts to bring donations and He provided donations.  AND a means to get them there.  He stirred our hearts to form our family through adoption in Ethiopia.  AND He has provided us a means to do just that!  And now, in just THREE WAKE-UPS, we will be leaving to MEET that precious little boy He hand -picked for us to raise, love and call "  our son."

Floored.  Flabergasted, really.  No idea how He orchestrated bringing "K" to us.  But that is our God.  His ways are higher than our ways!  And, athough I don't like not always seeing the "whys" "whens" and "wheres,"  I am eternally grateful for our Heavenly Father who oversees it all!  Who orchestrates the details.  Even when we do not see Him at work!

So, you ask how I stand so strong in my BELIEF?  Because of all the ways in which God has provided in my life.  Because of all of the ways He has shown up BIG in my life.  Because of the many ways in which He has proven ever-loving and true in my life.  In the past and in the present!

Just as the prostitute in the Bible spent an entire year's earnings on an expensive perfume ~ and then poured it onto Jesus; I lay down my life's greatest "possession"........our son........at Your feet, Lord.  Jeff and I lay baby "K" before you.  THANKING YOU for choosing US to love him forever.  THANKING YOU for all you have done and are doing to bring him HOME.  To us.  Forever.  Our prayer is that we PASS COURT ON our Court Date {July 21st}.  BEFORE court closures.  We realize this calls for a miracle.  

We BELIEVE You for this miracle!  May it be your will!

THANK YOU, Lord, for loving all of your children, and allowing us the privilege of delivering these precious donations.  THANK YOU, Lord, that you love our little baby "K" and are working out the logistics and details to finalize this adoption.  Making him our son.  Forever.  We are eternally grateful.                   AMEN.


Lindsey said...

Oh man, God is AMAZING!!! What a beautiful story you have to share with Baby K when he comes home!!

I love watching God bless our socks off. Praying for you guys on your journey!! Enjoy Africa and meeting your precious babe.

So excited for you guys!!!! :D

jkseevers said...

a.mazing!!! once again God is showing off His glory, in a BIG way! I am soo excited!!

See you in a few days! eeeeekkkkk!

erica said...

Amazing!!!! Loved hearing (once again) about God's awesome ways in dealing with His children. Hope you have a WONDERFUL trip! Blessings and safe travels to you!! :)

Alison said...

WOW!!! Love hearing how God is providing for ya'll! Will be praying for ya'll and sweet baby K!!!

Kelly said...

And we all act surprised when these things come together--but He is so faithful and has shown us His heart for adoption in His word. I absolutely love the way the Lord confirms to us His plan. Have a wonderful trip and time with your son!

Bobby and Courtney said...

I love hearing stories like yours that keep me looking up during the long paperwork process! May you be blessed through your travels and have a safe, wonderful time meeting K!!!!

Elle J said...

Praise God for all He had done!!! Praying for you as you get ready to board that plane to your son, for your first meeting, and for the MOWA Letter to be in place. May all the details be His and you feel His grace abundantly.

Mandie M. said...

I am SOOO excited for you! I will be following to see God keep MOVING in your journey. I can't wait to meet precious "K", even if it is through internet pictures ;)

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