Saturday, July 16, 2011



It is Saturday night about midnight, here in Addis.  Thank you for the prayers for safe travels!  All went well.  We left Friday afternoon ~ first flight was delayed a few hours.  We didn't mind because we were going to have to wait four hours in Denver anyway.   We then flew 9 1/2 hrs to Frankfurt; then almost 7 hours Frankfurt to Ethiopia......we welcomed the 2 hour layover to walk around and stretch our legs!  Oh, yes, and the fruit smoothie helped wake us up a bit too!  {smile}  My legs didn't swell like they did when we went to Italy for our honeymoon!  I was MUCH better at getting up and walking around/stretching! 

Can't believe we are HERE!  Our son is sleeping just a few miles away from where we will rest our own heads tonight!  UNbelievable!!!  TOMORROW!!!  We get to meet "K" tomorrow!!!!  We will all go to church ~ which I hear is an amazing spiritual experience! ~ then lunch, THEN we finally will be holding our baby boy!  I confess, I kind of threw a little girl whine when I learned we would not be meeting "K" until the afternoon.  However, when I thought about it for two seconds.................

........what better way to start out our week in Addis than to be PRAISING OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!!!!  I got chills just typing that!!!  I have been such an emotional girl since getting to the airport yesterday to begin this chapter of our family story.  My friend, Caycee, says it is Labor Pains!  Ha!  I can' t imagine how I will be at church, praising God IN ET!!!!!  Ufdah!  Will be incredible, I'm sure!

It was such a treat to meet Justin and Nicki Klein from AWAA who were on our flight to Addis ~ we share the same court date, and they are here to meet their daughter!  They were so patient as we all had to wait for customs to go through all but one of our bins of donations!  Ugh!

We met Jonas and Abrahm tonight, our ever-kind drivers to the Guest House.  Yes, Caycee and Allison, I already greeted them for you guys!!!  Will do the same with Job and David when we meet them!  I KNOW we are in for an incredible treat-of-a-week!

So, now that my sweet husband has organized our things while I posted this, we will be hitting the hay {to the tune of barking dogs}, dreaming of holding our son.  TOMORROW!!!!  Also excited to meet The Seevers, Boosalis, and Autry families, who all share our Court Date!  And we get to hang out all week with Anna Dreyfus and her husband, who are here to PICK UP baby Cooper!!!



Me said...

I had the same kind of pity party when I found out we wouldn't meet our boys until the afternoon, but it did go quickly. Enjoy church, lunch, and tell all the guys and Yebsabi staff hello from Carmen, Jagiso, and Simon!

Abby said...

So happy for you. I remember sobbing when we left Miami to Haiti and then sobbing when we landed in Haiti. It is such an emotional experience. When I first held Alex I literally felt like I'd birthed him and I've done both so I promise you it is the same intensity of emotions either way when you hold your baby for the first time!!!

April said...

SO excited for you guys' time in ET this week. It is SUCH an amazing country and the people are the best. Vicariously living through your posts this week. :)

Laura & Kevin said...

So so wonderful! Have an incredible stay in Ethiopia! I know you will enjoy every second!
Laura McFarland

Karen said...

Just so darn excited picturing you in Ethiopia - I know the sights and sounds and smells so well, and know exactly where you will be when you see your son's face in person for the first time! The Wistroms are thinking of you and checking your updates regularly. Big SMILES here knowing you are there! love, Karen Wistrom

erica said...

SO EXCITING!!!!!! Have a wonderful time squeezing your little guy tomorrow!!! :) GOD IS GOOD!!!

Thomas Family said...

Thomas Family is so HAPPY for you guys. Praying for a great week, passing court the FIRST time and tons of baby love for you. :-) Hopefully, we will not be far behind you.

Bobby and Courtney said...

YAY:) Wishing you a great time while in Ethiopia and spending time getting to know YOUR SON!! God bless!

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