Friday, July 8, 2011


Now all glory to God, who is able, 
through his mighty power at work within us, 
to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Giving God the glory as I lay down our son at the foot of His cross.  I know that you love our son even more than we do, Lord.  And I thank you for such a great love!  I ask you to carry him, love him, provide all his needs for him, and may you help him to attach to his nannies (so he can better attach with us).  And Lord, please orchestrate every single detail that will bring him HOME with us by end of August/early September.  Help us capture as much of his early little life as we can.  As a FAMILY!

And Heavenly Father, please work on the hearts of all the MOWCYA workers.  Burden their hearts with a burning desire to COMPLETE ALL the letters BEFORE Court Closures!!!  May you bless all of the families in our travel group with PASSING Court Dates ON the date of court!  As well as blessing the families that go before us and come after.  Help bring these children of Yours to their families SOON!!!  

We BELIEVE you for a miracle!!!!

We pray for the families awaiting Embassy Clearance, Lord.  May you clear the slate of any obstacles and help bring the families to their children so that they can bring each one of them HOME!!!!

Aaaahhhhh.......and the families awaiting referrals.  Lord, these families so desire to look into the very face(s) of their child(ren).  May you bring them closer to this with every new dawn.  Bless families with a picture and a face to match to the love that they carry, Lord.

The paperchasers.  Oh, my, how I remember the frustration and hindrances encountered in this phase.  Lord, no phase of adoption is easy.  I ask you to lift up those who are walking along the paperchase path.  May you upgird them.  Strengthen them.  Give them peace.  Remind them that you HAVE their family story already orchestrated out to the final detail.  You are walking alongside them as they take new steps closer to their child or children.

THANK YOU, Lord, for giving "Gabe" his family.  And for allowing me the privilege to participate in helping to pray him to his family.  And for giving us the blessing of loving on him on behalf of his forever family.  We pray and ask you to do the same for sweet Ben, Lord.  Sweet Ben.  Help him understand that it is okay for his sister to come home, though he has to wait a while longer.  Let that longer wait not be too long.  Nurture and strengthen that boy's heart as he waits on you.  Thank you, Lord, for healing baby Brooks!  May you continue to bring total and complete healing to his little body.

THANK YOU, LORD, that you love each and every one of us.  Adult, teen, and child.  We are all yours and you desire to bestow blessings in abundance upon each one of us!  Help all of us look to you for guidance.  Look to you for strength.  Look to you for peace.  Look to you for your will to be carried out in our lives.  Even when we may not see where you path is taking us.  Help us to walk in step with you.  Our loving Heavenly Father.  The only one who can love us with such an amazing unconditional love.

I lift up to you, not only our family, Lord, but every family ~ adoptive and/or biological.  May you protect all of us from the enemy's evil distractions and toils.  May you shower all of us with your grace, mercy, peace and above all, your LOVE.

Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for us and our son.  And for all that you are currently working on for our good.  Thank you, Jesus, for our precious precious son.  We love him so much that we give him back to you.  Use us to help bring out all that you created "K" to be.  Show us, Lord, how to nurture all that he is so that he can become all that you intend for him to be.



Anonymous said...

It was so nice to meet you and what a blessing it was to hear your story. We are praying for you guys and I can't wait to follow you on your amazing journey! God is so good!

jkseevers said...

awesome prayer, Debb! I am agreeing with you as I pray along...

this truly is a beautiful tapestry that the Lord is creating...

will see you in 7 short days!


Angi: Tim Cooper said...


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