Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Honey!

I am so lucky to have you!  

Watching your JOY as you stare into your son's pictures fills my heart to overflowing.  Watching you talk about bringing "K" home and being his Daddy melts. my. heart.  Watching your eyes light up at the mere mention of your son almost moves me to tears.  Watching you stand firm in your faith as we walk out this journey to our sweet son has amazed and inspired me.

Honey, you already are an amazing Daddy to our little "K."  I see how proud you are of him.  How faithfully you pray our precious bundle HOME, and ask God to provide for and protect our sweet son.  I notice how you speak as though he is already home, here in our daily lives.  A part of us.  I hear how you dream of what it will be like to cuddle and play with your little buddy.  How you dream of ways in which you may help him succeed in fulfilling his dreams, whatever they may be.  I listen to how you share with others how "K" has already changed your life ~ our life ~ for the better, and how excited you are to welcome the other changes that parenthood brings.  

I know you, honey.  I know your heart.  I experience every day the overflowing LOVE that comes from that heart. The KINDNESS you spread to everyone you meet.  The JOY you share with all who encounter you.  The PEACE you exude just by being in your presence.  The HOPE you spread with your encouraging words.  The FAITH you share with all who will listen ~ and to those who simply watch your daily life.

YOU BLESS ME!  You bless our marriage!  And you already bless sweet baby "K."  I THANK GOD for bringing YOU to me.  For allowing us to share in the raising of our precious son.  I know how MUCH "K" has already blessed both you and me.  I also know how much YOU are going to bless him just by being his Daddy.  Just by being the man you are!!!

We may have walked a bumpy road to parenthood, but sweetheart, walking alongside YOU, hand-in-hand, with God as our guide, I can honestly say the journey has been beautiful and sweet.  Even amidst the pain of waiting, with you ~ and God ~ each step has only brought us closer as a couple and closer to our Heavenly Father.  A precious gift, indeed.  

And, OOOHHHH, to have this journey bring us to sweet "K!"  God is SO AMAZING!!!..........

And now, here we are!  YOU. ARE. A. DADDY!!!!  We know the face of the sweet soul we have been waiting for all this time!  (I even see parts of you in his face! does God do that!?!?!?)  We understand that the wait was extended so our sweet boy could enter into the world!  

How sweet is it that we are celebrating "knowing" our son for One Month  ON Father's Day!?!?!?  Yup!  One month ago today, we got THE CALL introducing us to "K!"  May it be next month that we get to meet him in person, hold him and love on him!  Our family!

I bask in the glory that our precious son is in the Lord's hands, and in the hands of nannies who really do love him.  I walk in peace knowing that he will be further blessed as he comes HOME and experiences, first-hand, his Daddy's love.  Your amazing love, honey.  I cannot wait to watch as he begins to take on his Daddy's characteristics.  

You have given me so much in our love and in our marriage.  I cannot WAIT for "K" to be blessed by all that you are!!!!!  

WE are so lucky to have you!!!

With All My Love, Always,


Kelly said...

What sweet timing for your husband!

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