Monday, May 2, 2011


I watched the Royal Wedding Friday.  Along with 2 billion other viewers!


Yup.  That one word pretty much sums it up.  A work of art.  Beauty at its best.  A real Fairy Tale wedding that seemed to celebrate a real and genuine love.  Isn't that the hope of the world?  That The Duke of Cambridge (as we now know Prince William) does truly love The Duchess of Cambridge (formerly known as Kate Middleton)?

I went for a hike after viewing this masterpiece, smiling and pondering the event, their potential marriage and how well the media presented their love.  It got me thinking............

I found myself silently thinking, "Wow.  Now Catherine can awaken each morning with the whole day before her.  Free to reach out to whatever cause she feels lead to touch.  Not limited by time.  Or funds.  Enjoying the freedom to call on any contact she needs to help accomplish her goal.  And if she lacks the right contact, she knows someone who knows someone........." You get the picture.  I was dreaming up what positive impact I would be sure to have on the world if only I were royalty.

That was when God stopped me and began to challenge my thoughts.  If only I were royalty......

Afterall, God silently prodded....Am I not an Almighty King?  Am I not just any King, but THE King of the WORLD!?!?!?"  The confirmation of this Grand Truth made me almost giddy.  My Heavenly Father is already K I N G of the W O R L D!!!!!   

He finalized His point by leading my thoughts to ponder how, as a believer in Jesus Christ, Son of God, I AM ROYALTY!  I AM a Royal Princess!.........I AM Daughter of The King Most High!.....Daughter of THE King of the WORLD!!

Therefore, as Royalty myself, what positive impact will I be sure to have on my world?  Today?!?!?  What am I currently doing with my gifts and talents to help impact my world in a positive way?

WOW.  With all limits removed because I have my Heavenly Father's resources, what could I be doing?.............Furthermore, what steps can I currently take toward those aspirations............TODAY!?!?

Love it.  Absolutely LOVE IT!  With God on my side, who can be against me?  The sky is the limit!

I captured some pictures online from the Royal Wedding ~ most are from Time magazine and other similar magazine write-ups.  I post them here to remember the Grand Royal Wedding, and to remember God's personal message to me.......and each one of you!  We all are Royalty in His Divine Family!

A parade was held in honor of the wedding, prior to the event.
What a celebration!

 Kate's last minutes as a "Commoner"
as she rides to the Westminster Abbey
("A royal change happens as soon as we say "YES" to God!)

 Entering, a Commoner.......

.......Exiting, as Royalty.......she said "I DO!"

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!
May their love be truly blessed!

 The Royal Kiss from the balcony

We ALL are Royalty when 
we say "YES!" to God...

What will YOU, as a believer in Christ, do as a Royal son or daughter of the God Most High!?!?!?  Feel free to share your thoughts with me!  Let's make a positive impact together!


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