Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Fun....and Surprise!

Wrapping up a wonderful and sunny weekend!  
FINALLY some sunshine!!!!  YAY!!!!  

Jeff and I went for a killer run after church, and there were so many people out enjoying the foothills and sunshine!  We then completed quite a lot of yard work ~ I even planted our flower pots!!!!!  {sure hope it doesn't get too cold overnight anymore!}

Well, we started off our weekend enjoying Friday night with our wonderful friends, Alyson and Bill and their sweet, adorable twin boys, Carson and Weston!  SO.MUCH.CUTENESS. and FUN!!!  

Before the boys went to bed, Alyson and Bill had us open a sweet present that they had purchased for us and our babe(s)!  Before I share with you WHAT the present was, I will share a cute pic or two from a few moths back when Jeff and I were shopping at our favorite baby store in town, Baby Daily.......

Daddy giving an Ergobaby a try.

Daddy playing up the role with the doll they provide to test the carrier.

Weeeellllll.......if you haven't guessed it yet...........................

THEY GIFTED US AN ERGOBABY CARRIER!  The Sport Version!  This means that the material breathes and helps decrease the sweat of both us and our babe(s)!  They had no idea that this item was at the top of our list of "things yet to purchase!"

Recently, Jeff and I performed our own Consumer Report and asked many friends what they thought of their baby carrier.  Some like their Baby Bjorn and others prefer their Ergobaby.  We even have some friends who used Baby Bjorn with their first child and the ERGObaby with their second.......and they said "hands down" ERGObaby is far superior, especially for displacing the child's weight ~which leads to less strain on our backs!  Therefore, Jeff and I had decided we would go with the ERGObaby, but had not gotten one yet.  

Here are our wonderful friends with whom we shared Friday night:

 Bill, Alyson, Carson and Weston.
Oh yeah, and sweet furry Jasper too!

 Sweet baby Weston brushing his couple of teeth.

 Brother Carson doing the same.  Sort of.

We had such a great evening with our friends ~ fun catching up, playing with the boys, catching up some more, and playing more with the boys!  {grin}  Our present was totally unexpected and so very very VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

We had received that day our email stating that the wait for an infant boy had been extended ~ again!  I had told Jeff that we were going to have to do something to progress the nursery ~ to help me feel like we were making some sort of progress toward our little one(s).  Lo and behold, that very night we received an Ergobaby!  Sounds funny, but it really did help me feel like we took another step closer to our babe(s).  Not sure if that makes sense, but hey.  I'm paper preggers.  Some things don't always make sense anymore!  Ha!



Dustin & Megan said...

Deb I completely "get" feeling like you are making a little progress, like you are one tiny step closer. I nested for at least 2 months, it really is "paper pregnant" :) prayers as you continue to wait. There should be flood of referrals coming soon before the rainy season hits, don't you think?

Abby said...

I LOVE my ergo and I am sure you are going to love yours too!! They are soooo comfy:)

Billy and Alyson said...

Debb you are too sweet to do such a great post with pictures of us! We had a blast hanging out with you guys on Friday too. And we are so glad that you like the ergo pack! As I mentioned we love, love, love ours and use them a ton. Looking forward to getting together with you guys sometime again soon!

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