Thursday, March 17, 2011

Springtime SNOW!

WOW!  Spring in Idaho is anything but predictable!  Instead of the forecasted RAIN, we got this yesterday!.........


While most of my patients complained about the snow (I am a physical therapist), I have to admit I welcomed the beauty.  The change.  The unpredicted.  It felt like it was gently braking apart the grayness that had been surrounding my heart ~ and covering the city (it has been raining) the previous days.

Guess what!?!?!?  That is exactly what it did!  We were surprised again today!  By SUNSHINE and BLUE SKIES!  Okay, so I did not get a chance to photograph it, but imagine clear skies with sunshine gently beaming down on ground that has not seen sun in days!  I had the windows open this afternoon, welcoming that precious crisp Spring air into our home, allowing it to bring with it Freshness and Rejuvination!  MMmmmmmmm..........can you just feel the crisp air and smell the freshness of Spring!?

This surprising change in weather seemed to match the positive "sunny" change in direction the MOWA issues seem to be taking........{see yesterday's post}.

May SONSHINE be filling in your heart today as well, my friends!


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