Friday, March 18, 2011


Here's Jordan.  A sweet son of some great friends of ours,
 Torrie and Josh.

They were over last night.
However, we went to brunch with them a couple of Sundays ago.
Here's the dream he shared with during that brunch.

He dreamed we "brought home a 3 or 4 year old boy, 
I'm not exactly sure how old he was.
He was a blackbelt.

....And his name was Cole."
(Cole.  great name.  isn't on the list.  maybe it should be!)  {smile}

Well, given that we are on an infant 0-6 month list, and a list for two kiddos in which one is an infant 0-6mos and the other can be anywhere from 0-3+ years...........according to Jordan's dream..........we must be getting TWO precious sons from Ethiopia!

This just happens to coincide with Daddy's dream (a week prior to this brunch), in which Jeff told me upon awakening, that he just had an "AWESOME" dream.........we had gone to pick up our children.....TWO SONS!!!!!!!

I'm not claiming to be a dream interpreter, afterall, if you recall, a month into joining up with AWAA, and putting ourselves on the infant boy list, I dreamed a vivid dream of our daughter reaching toward us, crying out, "Don't leave me!  Take me with you!  I want to go with you!  Don't leave me!"

It was this dream that moved us to place ourselves on the two children lists!

Interesting how all the dreams revolve around TWO kiddos!  One boy, a boy and a girl, or two boys.....we will be blessed regardless!

Either way, SO FUN to have recent dreams about our little one(s)!  I wonder if this means something is happening to bring him/them another step CLOSER to us, their Mommy and Daddy!  {huge grin inserted here}


Mandie M. said...

:) I hope so! I am going to be sooo excited for your day!

erica said...

It will be so exciting to see who God has for you. We have a feeling we'll be getting two, as well!! In fact, I feel that God TOLD me it was two - I'll have to share more about that on my blog someday. :)

Jan said...

So excited for you Deb!!! I am beyond excited for the day your "Mama arms" get to hold your babes!!!!

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