Saturday, March 19, 2011


How is THIS for a GREAT start to my weekend!?!?!?

Tara is a dear, sweet, fellow adoptive AWAA mom-friend who is travelling with her husband, Brad, this TUESDAY to meet her son, Jacob, in Ethiopia!  Our DTE dates were close to one another and we had hopes of traveling to ET together.  Well.....they will be LIVING IN ET until they receive Jacob's visa (Embassy Date)!  That means they will be living in Ethiopia for a mimimum of seven weeks! does this make my day, besides being giddy excited for her?.............

Well, bless her heart!  She emailed me yesterday, asking if we would want to email her a signed photo consent so that WHEN we find out who our babe(s) are, she and her husband can photo them and email us pics!

WOW, that sets off a butterfly-fest in my tummy just saying that!!!!
In a SUPER GOOD WAY!!!!!  

So, thanks to her kindness and thoughtfulness, not to mention her great foresight and ability to plan ahead ~ we can receive pics as time ticks away between referral and Court Date!  THANK YOU, TARA!!!!!!!!

Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm...........having fun wondering..........dreaming.........letting the butterflies flutter in my tummy!  (maybe that is meant to take the place of feeling our babe(s) kicking in my belly!  LOVIN' it, regardless!)


Kylie Toone said...

I LOVE that analogy! Just LOVE IT! :) I'm gonna remember that! Oh, and I have been meaning to tell you. I have ALWAYS felt, since the day we "met" that you were gonna get two. ALWAYS. That's my two cents worth, not that its worth a whole lot but.... :) Love you!

Abby said...

So exciting....can I echo Kylie...I have felt the same thing...☺ Love you friend!! Stay strong!! Everyday is a day closer to seeing your little one(s). ♥♥♥

erica said...

It's so exciting to know that you'll be seeing their little faces soon - can't wait to hear all about it!! And I love your new blog background! :)

Debb said...

EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! How exciting that you all think we are going to be blessed with TWO KIDDOS!!!! That is the feeling we both have too! SO EXCITED to see who God has hand picked for us! One or two, we will be BLESSED beyond our wildest imaginations! I'M.READY.TO.KNOW! :)

Oh, and THANKS for the blog background love, Erica! Sweet of you! ;)

Brad and Tara said...

Hahahahahahaha, I quickly (obviously too quickly) read your blog title and thought it it said Photo Contest. Then I started reading your blog entry and wondered where was the part of your photo contest. Then I reread your title and saw CONSENT not contest. Geesh! Oh well, it gave me a good laugh!! I am very happy to be taking the Marquez photo CONSENT to Ethiopia!! I will have my camera ready when you get and accept your referral!! Praying its sooner rather than later!!! Hugs to you as you wait!!

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