Sunday, March 20, 2011


BAD NEWS.  We moved DOWN a number on the infant boy list, to #4.

GOOD NEWS!  Another couple is requesting an infant boy 0-12 mos and their DTE date is 7.23.10 (one week ahead of ours, thus, a drop in our number).


I must confess my heart dropped for a BRIEF second, realizing that we were bumped to #4 (recall that we dropped from #2 to #3 when a family ahead of us kept themselves on the sibling list but also openned themselves to either an infant boy or infant girl).  However, when I quickly reminded myself WHY we were being bumped, I was smiling BIG for there was soon going to be one less orphan in this world!

Besides.  I guess God needed this other family to go before us so that we could be perfectly matched with who HE has HAND-PICKED ~ JUST.FOR.US!!!!!!

We are still #2 for unrelated kiddos and #5 for siblings...........

So, I have a little something fun to share.  Stay CALM.  It is only something little.  And cute.

I preface it by saying we are NOT superstitious in ANY manner!  We do not need luck or superstition.  WE HAVE GOD!

Anyway, Friday ~ after Jeff bruising the CRUD out of his calcaneus (heel bone) during our run; and after the trip to the doc to xray his heel and rule out a fracture; and after getting him crutches to use for at least a WEEK ~ Ugh!  He is already tired of them! ~ we stopped to grab a bite to eat.

Although we hold no REAL stock in our fortune cookies, I thought I would share  them with you, as they brought a smile to our faces and made us chuckle........

I opened mine first and it read:
"You will soon bring joy to a family member."

 Then Jeff read his and it said:
"A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you."

Kind of fun.  Praying we receive SOON the message of who our babe(s) are and have the opportunity to send a care package to them to fill him or them with JOY!  {smirk}

This week, may MOWCYA continue to catch up on the 800 letters the previous committee was behind on.  May this week hold a lot of movement for ALL agencies for PASSING COURT (we have 4 families who will pass immediately upon receipt of the MOWYCA letter; and 5 families who attend Court this week!).  May the week also be filled with APPROVED COURT DATES and EMBASSY well as REFERRALS!!!!!!  GO, GOD!!!!!

Looking forward to this week with expectancy but not expectations!  {ehhem}


Mandie M. said...

Amen, sister :)!

LIfe A Bit Sweeter (Michelle) said...

I so love your perspective in seeing God's big picture....decreasing you and increasing Him....may we all catch that vision! thanks for who you are in the kingdom. blessed to call u friend.

Christina said...

My numbers on the DTE list have gone down too. Not fun!! Love your attitude though! And this waiting makes the good news that much sweeter when it happens doesn't it?!

erica said...

Ha - Debb!!! Love those fortunes! I love how God works! He is SO big, and we are SO nothing, and yet He loves us enough to give us signs here and there to give us hope and to know that HE IS THERE AND IN CONTROL!! I think He smiled when you opened those fortunes!! I hope this is your week, and I can't wait to hear your exciting news! :)

Kelly said...

Wow! Exciting news! I love the fortune cookies... you must save those for the baby book! ;)

Alison said...

Love this update!!! And love the cute fortunes! :) So excited for ya'll!!!

Shannon said...

We do seem to be going the wrong way don't we?!?!? Good perspective though!
Here's to hoping by the time the new DTE list comes out we've moved up! (or off;)

candice said...

You are so close! What a day of rejoicing that will be to see your sweet son(s) or daughter(s)face!!!

Kelly said...

It is encouraging to read of some positive movement in the international adoption world!! And bringing you closer. :)

*Overflowing* said...

Okay, did you not totally start bawling when you opened those cookies?? Sweet, beautiful words from the Lord..I have NO doubt! SOOOO SOOOON my beautiful friend.............Ahhhh, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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