Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Okay, so this post has NOTHING to do with numbers!
NOTHING to do with waiting!

Everyone says that each mama needs to buy her own diaper bag, right?!?!?  Well, I had done a bit of shopping online, and had asked some already-mama friends what they do/do not like about their bags, but I hadn't really landed on THE right one for me.  Yet!

That is, until I received notice that our Baby Daily Store (the one we bought our nursery furniture from) was going out of business.  {SAD face inserted here}  YES, we DO have all of the nursery furniture now ~ and they are all the same chocolate shade (another story for another post......hmmmmmm.....guess what post is next!?).  I meandered on over the first day of their Liquidation Sale "just to see what I could see."

Guess what I found IMMEDIATELY!  Yup!  First thing I saw was.........MY diaper bag!  I hadn't seen it ever before.  I am familiar with OIOI brand, but I must admit it was the PRINT that first snagged my heart!  I think it is just perfect for me and our babe(s) from Africa!  {Of course the 30% off was an added bonus AND the fact that I had a gift certificate that I HAD to spend before they went out of business!}

Don't ya just LOVE it!?!?

 It has all the nice matching amenities:
insulated bottle holder; diaper holder;
 wipes holder; and changing mat!

 Another fun note is that it will match our orange 
BOB Stroller wonderfully!

Okay, so it isn't BIG news.  
But it IS FUN!  
And I need a little FUN in my life right now!  {smile}


Nate and Pam said...

I love it, love it, love it!!! ~Pam~

MamaMimi said...

Umm...that IS huge! Finding the perfect diaper bag takes some EFFORT my friend! ;) And love to see that it matches the BOB! Now you just need your babes to make it complete =)

Jodes and Boz said...

These are my favorite posts!! You found the most perfect bag!!! The fact that it matches your stroller is even cooler! Guess it was meant to be. :-)

Chasity said...


Alison said...

So cute!! I love it!!!

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