Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was going to wait to post nursery pics until it was complete, but I don't want to wait that long!  We now have the furniture ~ and ALL pieces are the same shade of chocolate!  (there was a mix up and the crib was the "old" chocolate and the dressers were the "new" chocolate.  all fixed now!)  

Jeff painted the room our "ideal" chosen green.  It seemed bold at first, but once we got the furniture in there, WE.LOVED.IT!  What do YOU think of the green?!?!?

We are waiting to decorate the walls.  We want to know for sure if it will be a son, two sons, or a son and a daughter in the room!  We can easily add purple, pink and blues to the wall decor...........can't wait to finalize the wall decor and tie everything together!

Sharing with you a few photos of our "work-in-progress."  My poor photography skills are evident, but they will give you an idea...........

This is as you walk into the nursery.
This pic is the most accurate depiction of the shade of green.

Different perspective of the room.

Okay, so I don't have the built-in shelves organized.  Yet.

Ok.  My poor camera skills make 
the green look like pea green.
Which it is NOT! 

Closer view of the print ~ that isn't hung yet
{stating the obvious, here}

One more view.

Meet LEO the Rocking Lion.
Press his ear and he sweetly ROARS!
{Recognize the diaper bag?!?!}

 The sweet quilt that comes with the bedding.
Aren't the animals just precious!?!?!

Here is the Safari bedding!

 A closer look at the gingham safari sheets.

 Sweet diaper holder!
{nice shadow, too! ha!}

 Frames need pics of cute babe(s)!
Don't ya LOVE the Giraffes?
And the adorable pageboy hat ~
just waiting to be worn by our handsome boy!

 Can't you just picture this on a 
special someone's sweet litte head?!?

This little monkey can't wait for you to come HOME 
and rock with him and mommy or daddy!


Joshua and Hilary said...

super cute! love it! and just wanted to let you know that i got your comment the other day on my blog about the orphan care ministry i'm helping start up at our church, and i'm praying for you and the other mama's around you that are starting up one too! we're all in this together friend! can't wait for your sweet babe to be in that room!

MamaMimi said...

Oh I LOVE IT Debb!!!! You did a great job. I was eyeing that bedding, but I didn't choose it b/c I KNEW we were having a girl and I NEEDED some pink in this all boy household =) Aww, it looks awesome. And I think the green is PERFECT! Can't wait to see it finished with all the decorations customized for your precious little ones!!!

Elle J said...

Simply perfect - ALL of it! Now can't wait to see pictures of your children in the room. =)

Lynne Elliott said...

It is a beautiful nursery, already filled with love!

erica said...

I love your nursery!!! It is perfect! Love the green, and love all the african animals! :)

Thank you so much for the comment you left me the other day about our cruise. I had never looked at it as a gift from God (shame on me!) but your comment was exactly what I needed! You made my day, and now I am SO excited to go! Thanks! :)

Abby said...

What a cute little room:) I want it..ha!! Can't wait till it is all messed up from being used by some precious little people/person!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief--what an adorable room Debb! I love it! Hugs--Leah

Abby said...

Love it!!!!

The Davidsons said...

What a sweet, sweet room :) Just adorable!

Trev and Shan said...

It is SO cute, Debb! The green is gorgeous! Our son's nursery was almost the exact same color and I LOVED it! Good choice. :) The furniture and bedding look awesome, too! Now I can't wait to see pics of your babe(s)!!!!

Thomas Family said...

Looks GREAT Debb! As a seven-time mama I am SO excited for you guys. You know I'm prayin' for some combination of two kiddos! :-)

Hoping our agency gets a TON of referrals this week.

Kelly said...

It looks wonderful!! :) I do love the green too!! Green is always a hard shade to choose but I think its perfect!

Jodes and Boz said...

You guys!! i am in love with your nursery!!!!

SleepyMom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the green walls and chocolate furniture and those are some adorable sheets. The diaper holder is adorable and I've noticed a lot of people don't buy one but it is honestly my "have to have nursery item". We put a decorative hook on the wall nex to the changing table so that diapers are one arms reach away while the other is still on the baby. Those diaper stackers hold a ton of diapers and free up so much room on your changing table.
Awesome job on the room.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful job! LOVE the green too! Oh, and I noticed the diaper bag from the earlier photo! It goes perfectly! :) Looking forward to seeing pics of your little ones enjoying their beautiful room!


Debb said...

Oh.My.Goodness!!!! THANKS to each and every one of you! For checking in on the blog AND for leaving such sweet comments about our babe(s) nursery! Your positive reaction just makes this momma more giddy! AAHHHH!!!!! This helps it seem even more real! Making progress to FILLING this room with sweet blessing(s) from Above!!!! Your love and encouragement amaze me beyond description! THANK YOU! Love you! SO BLESSED to be walking this journey with each one of you!!!!!

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