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I cannot THANK YOU enough for your kind words and comments about our nursery in progress!  It was so FUN to have you share in our excitement as the room starts really looking like a nursery!  And I couldn't agree will be so AMAZING to fill it with our sweet little blessing(s) from Above!!!!

Also on top of the list is being THANKFUL for the class I took at church this weekend, "Walkin' in the Kingdom."  Talk about a POWERFUL class on praying and reaching out to others!  WOW!  The class was Thursday night and all day Saturday.  God SO.MET.ME.IN.THIS.CLASS!!!!  Although I felt I had worked through my days of doubt, I was sort of feeling a sense of "distance" (for lack of a better word), between me and God.  I couldn't really explain it.  Then, a few days before the class, a couple of conversations lead to topics that were driving home to me that God wanted more of me.  He wanted me to draw near to Him.  Remember the verse that says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you".......????????.........

BOY, did He ever draw near to me both Thursday and Saturday!  I literally felt Him pouring His love on me.  Filling me with His Spirit.  Cradling me in His arms.  It was a closeness that quenched the deep thirst of my soul.  I needed that re-fueling more than I realized.  Until I experienced such a sweet, powerful and loving presence!  I still feel that peace and love today.  HIS peace and love.

This week is the week we "should" be hearing who are little one(s) are ~ According to the estimated wait for a referral, that is.  We wait with great expectation, yet, if our wait is delayed beyond these 8 months, I am okay with that.  I am in such a place of peace and surrender, that if we are asked to wait longer, I believe I can (well, to an extent, I guess.  Ha!).  

Seriously, the class could not have come at a better time for me!  Here I thought I was taking the class to better equip me to pray for and with others, and God also met me there in my own personal way!  Isn't He just wonderful like that!?

Another thing to be THANKFUL for is our weekend of bonding with friends!  Friday night I was blessed by spending time with my ever precious friend, Wendy.  Then we shared our time in class with our friends Kate and Kyle; Angela and Chad; Terra and Michael!  Such a wonderful group!  Sunday was fun shared with Rick, Connie and Emily at brunch, followed by birthday dinner with Kate and Kyle, and Angela and Chad!  {Can you believe I failed to take on stinkin' pic!?  Yes, I'm sure you can believe it by now.  Ha!}

Finally, we are also THANKFUL for how MOWCYA seems to be ROCKIN' with the multiple cases awaiting their approval!  All of the families that had court dates last week PASSED!  Those adorable kiddos are officially and legally THEIRS!!!  We still continue to pray for those who had court dates previously, who are still waiting for the judges to get to their family case, but we are confident it will happen very SOON!

If all this MOWYCA stuff delays our referral ~ but expedites our wait for Court Date (first time meeting our babe(s) and passing court) ~ I think I can wait on this side of things easier that having a long delay after seeing our babe(s) picture!

Either way.  It's all going to happen when and how it should.  I can say that now, with honesty and utter surrender.  NOT as a robot who hopes to say that enough she will believe it again.  Thank You, God for reminding me of how very much you not only love Jeff and me, but our little one(s) too!  We trust you with our family.  We trust you with our hearts.  Please move BIG this week on behalf of all of your babes in Ethiopia!


the_blissful_mommy said...

Debb, your attitude is full of Jesus. What an EXAMPLE of faithfulness you are to everyone around you. And your children? Blessed. Because they are already cause for you reaching out to Christ, glorifying Him. What wonderful chdren! That's the best we as parents can wish for our kids, right? And they are both already accomplishing His purposes, even though they aren't in that pretty nursery yet. Awesomeness. Keep bringing the challenges, Sister! Xoxo

Tiffygator said...

I can't wait to hear when you all receive your referral; what a day that will be! So wonderful to hear you are peace with the wait.

Alison said...

I hope ya'll get the call this week! That would be awesome! And I LOVE the nursery! Just now saw that post...not sure how I missed it! But I love is so precious!!!

Debb said...

Awwww......THANKS for the kind words, Blissful Mommy! You are so sweet! And YES! THE most precious gift as a parent is to have our children carrying out God's purpose for them! AMEN!

Tiffygator ~ it is totally a God thing, this PEACE I am experiencing right now! I love it!

Allison ~ THANKS for the nursery love! Wouldn't it be grand if we really DID get THE CALL this week! Soon. I am hoping it is very soon. For you too!!!!!!! You keep movin' on up!

God's blessings to each of you! :)

Shannon said...

I'm totally with you on the waiting now, instead of later. I keep hoping everyone gets/passes court before we even get referrals and then it's like, "this is your referral call, and court is in 2 weeks:)" Wishful thinking and seemingly impossible but our God has certainly revealed Himself to be the God of impossible over the last year, huh? Praying and waiting with you!

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