Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I was vacuuming and my vacuum just up and quit!  Out of nowhere!  I couldn't help but giggle out loud, as it hadn't been too long ago I told Jeff that I knew exactly what vacuum I wanted when our current one died.......I had no idea its departure was just around the bend!

Jeff came in from outside and I assured him I did nothing to break the vacuum on purpose, but that it just went capute!  (is that really a word?  oh well, I use it as one)  Bless his heart, he tried to fix it.  After a few minutes of assessing the situation, he came into the kitchen and said,

"Honey, the bad new is, your vacuum is, indeed, dead.  
The Good news is, however, that 
I guess you get your DYSON!"

Wow.  Never thought I'd be so excited to have a vacuum die!  With our two precious, sweet yellow labs, I've been excited to get the version that is good for animal hair.  I chose the one with the ball because it still has great suction and with the ball, it EASILY gets those hard-to-reach places!  Yes, I am in love with my vacuum!  This version does not have the 3 different carpet levels to choose from......but I don't miss it!  Especially with its other perks!  And its purple to boot!  My favorite color!  {another giggle}

For the record............THE.DYSON.ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


Dan and Chrissy said...

Haha!! Great post! Congrats on the Dyson Animal Vac... the best vacuum ever!! : ) Enjoy!

Diana said...

That is so funny, the same story and scenario played out in our house a month ago!..I also am now the proud new owner of the purple pet Dyson, and I love it!...I told Sean that I was a little concerned at how much we both adore this machine!..lol...It was odd to be so in awe and how well it worked and so disgusted at the amount of pet hair it picked up all at the same time!...congrats fellow Dyson lover!...PS..you will love it even more when your are vacuuming cookie crumbs and crushed cheerios ups..:)

Darcee said...

ha ha ha I ♥ LOVE ♥ it Debb!!! ....we totally just got one tooooooo - but ours looks a lil smaller and it's yellow! :) WEHOOOO for Dyson! :) ha ha! ...There will be some nice cleeeeeeeeeeeeeean floors all ready for your little man to come home to now! :)

Kelly said...

Now that is how you make lemonade out of lemons! :) I laugh about the things that I get excited over now...like a new vacuum or mixer or appliance. When did that happen?

Debb said...

Ha! Who knew there were so many DYSON lovers out there! Maybe they should start creating a FB "fan" page! Ha! Or a DYSON Annonymous! And YES! Just in time for the babe(s) to come home! Now, if we could just get our referral! :)

"Sattie" (Granma) said...

Usually when an appliance died in our house we'd say, "Time to move". In your case, "Time for kids"! It is a SIGN!!!!

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