Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Part of me is not excited about this number, as our original wait period was not to be this long.
But another [BIGGER] part of me is EXSTATIC that we are 8 months along!
Because it means we are getting OH.SO.CLOSE. to seeing our little one(s) face(s)!!!!!

We are still #2 for unrelated kiddos.  Number 3 for an infant boy.  Number 4 for siblings.

There is AWESOME movement going on in ET and with AWAA!  Very exciting!  The new agency MOWCYA is ROCKN' IT!  More families have received Court Dates, passed Court, and have received travel dates to go pick up their children!  So, even though movement is slow on the referral front (there are still referrals, but just not from any of the lists we are on), the positive movement and energy is encouraging!

Although we wait with hopeful expectancy to hear this week, we are not carrying the expectation of hearing by Friday.  We are, however, hoping and praying that if we do not get our referral this week, that it will be SOON!  Very Soon!  

I just try to imagine getting THE CALL, and I can't quite picture the reality of it!  To REALLY be discussing the very child or children God has CHOSEN for Jeff and me!  Looking into his or their eyes (Caitlin will send us pics via email).   REALLY!?!?!?  WOW!!!

Well, until that day comes, I will just continue to enjoy dreaming of what it will be like........and listening for that AWAA special ring I recently put on my phone!  HHHMMMMMM.......should I start taking my cell into each treatment with me at work!?!?!?  Or would that feel like I was waiting to watch water boil?!?!???!?   


Christy. said...

So, so exciting!! Either your phone should come in with you or you need to check it after EVERY appt. :)

That call is amazing, I can't even describe it... it's surreal!!

Praying it's soon!!

Nate and Pam said...

I know the feeling!!!! Even though we have only been waiting 3 months and are WAY down the list (#17 for sibs), because a few others have received their referral earlier than expected (God's timing, not man's) I keep thinking that maybe I should keep my phone on during school hours. My students won't mind it ringing in the middle of class, right??? :-) ~Pam~

Kelly said...

Ours was a domestic infant adoption, but our "love at first sight" was also through a picture! Its an amazing really can fall in love at first sight! :) Excited for you guys. I check your blog often hopeful it will be soon!

erica said...

Oh, I SO hope you hear soon!!! :)

Shannon said...

Special ring?!?!? Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? I am already carrying my phone everywhere and my heart skips a beat everytime it rings! Soon friend, soon!!! (And I'm still really hoping we get to travel together at least once:)

The Davidsons said...

There have been days in this process where I have walked around with a phone in each hand :) Cannot wait for you to get that referral call!!!

Abby said...

Wow 8 months!! That's awesome!! Hopefully really soon you will be telling us all about "the call".

Alison said...

AHHHHH! I am just so excited for ya'll! You could get the call any day now! Can't wait!!! :)

kbathurst said...

I'm encouraged by your faithful and postive outlook! We have been DTE almost 4 months, so sometimes it feels like it will be forever before a referral comes! Look forward to hearing about yours! -Kristen (

Darcee said...

Ooooooh Debb I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys! Wowie.... You are SUPER DUPER close to see the child(ren) God has chosen for you! It is FUN to be able to have followed your journey this far.... TOTALLY praying for ya girl.... This part seems especially hard! ....who knows.... Maybe we will be celebrating the same day! How cool would that be!

P.S .....changing my ringtone right now. :)
P.S.S sending ya some BIG hugs during this part o your wait

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