Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For those of you kind enough and caring enough to join us in prayer over the proposed changes in Ethiopia adoptions, I THANK YOU!  In effort to keep you up to date, I want to share with you an email that we received from our caseworker, Caitlin.  Although there is rumor of the proposed 5 letters/day increasing to 20 letters/day, there is still no confirmation of this number.  Here is the letter we received today:

We are writing to update you on the current situation in Ethiopia.  While meetings between Ethiopian government officials continue, we have seen positive steps.  Within MOWA, there have been significant and positive personnel changes which have resulted in overall staff turnover and changes in the adoption unit.  This unit is now called the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs (MOWCYA).  We are hopeful and expectant that the new leadership will not only support processing an adequate number of favorable recommendation letters, but also implement policies that will best serve the children.  Due to the staffing changes, we anticipate much transition over the next few weeks.  However, we expect that once everyone is settled into their new positions, MOWCYA will work to process a higher number of recommendation letters than they currently are able to process.  

We have continued to receive optimistic feedback and have seen how the Ethiopian government is very committed to adoption.  I hope this information is an encouragement to your family.  We will continue to update your family with any confirmed information we receive.

GO, GOD!  What the enemy meant for evil, may God turn around and make AWESOME!!!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for praying!  May you continue to join us with CONTINUED PRAYER over this issue!  OUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING FOR THE GOOD OF THESE PRECIOUS KIDDOS IN ETHIOPIA!  The meetings continue and the personnel changes are taking place.  PLEASE don't forget to still pray over this!  satan could only HOPE that we would get lax in our prayers over this issue ~ so that he could continue his efforts of stealing, killing, and destroying!

On a side note.  I.JUST.HAVE.TO.SHARE!  I have been awakened every.single.night. between 2-3am our time ~ and actually it changed with the time change and is now 3-4am our time.......I KID YOU NOT!!!!!  I grumbled at first early last week (sunday and monday), unsure as to why I was waking up the same time like that.  This has intermittently happened in the past ~ waking up around the same time in the middle of the night ~ and when it finally registers, I ask God who it is I should be praying for.....He reveals to me someone......and I pray, whether I know that person's need doesn't matter.  God knows.

Needless to say, when I was awakened the second night last week, I quickly recognized this as time to pray over Ethiopia adoption!  So, I did just that!  Every night!  Only to find out later in the week, that several others in our Yahoo Group were ALSO being awakened in this same hour!  No matter what the time zone, we were each being awakened at the time that was noon in Ethiopia!  ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!!!  Only God!

Although we do not know exactly WHY noon in ET is so important, we continue to PRAY with each awakening!  I will fervently pray upon being awakened, as well as MULTIPLE times a day!  Many of us in the AWAA Yahoo Group even signed up for a specific hour that coincided with the work day in Ethiopia!  BOY, THIS ISSUE IS COVERED IN PRAYER!  Please continue to join me!

May God's will continue to OVERPOWER!
It is in HIS existence that I find HOPE!  
To GOD be all the glory!


The Young Family said...

AMAZING!!!!!! LOOOOVE how the Lord is leading and ever present even at night!!!!

Abby said...

Things are looking up:) Love how you all were awakened at the same time...that's amazing!!

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