Monday, March 14, 2011


A moment of BRIGHTNESS to break up the gray and clouds 
~ both physically and metaphorically!

GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!!  I was blessed to be amongst the large group of family and friends who welcomed Caycee, her mom and Medhanit HOME FOREVER last Thursday!  What a time of pure joy and celebration!  

Medhanit slept a lot on the plane and was, therefore, rested and alert upon arrival!  Her momma, Caycee, said she kept on asking about Daddy on the flight home!  (Daddy had to stay home after a serious snowboarding accident)  She never left his arms after arriving!  AWESOME! 

The JOY that radiated from this precious girl in her pictures during their Court Date visit was even MORE radiant in person!  God has such incredible plans for this sweet precious daughter of His!
Caycee, Jon, Medhanit 
(low left is part of Porter; low right, Addie)

Daddy and Medhanit

Caycee, Alison, Elicia, Me

I did remember to take our point-and-shoot camera for this grand event (left the big 40D camera home.....had too many other things to carry), only to have this camera DIE after two pre-arrival pics!  And I had JUST put in brand new batteries!  Ugh!  Needless to say, that camera is NOT coming with us to Ethiopia!  {grumble inserted here}  So two of these photos are thanks to Elicia!

Thought you would enjoy living PROOF that God so loves His children!  This whole adoption story is a blessing to Caycee and Jon, Addie and Porter, little Medhanit, and all of us who shared in their family journey!  


Enjoy getting to know your sweet sister, Addie and Porter!  
Hugs to all you, The Coffield Clan!  
{big BIG smile!}


MamaMimi said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Always makes me smile to see families UNITED!

Anonymous said...

Deb you are an amazing women. I am blessed to call you friend and sister! Tears of joy as I read this! And tears of longing to meet your precious babies....Love you!

Debb said...

Oh, Megan! Isn't she just precious!?!? I cannot WAIT to see pics of YOU coming home with YOUR little angel!!!!!! Praying her home with you, my friend! So awesome to share our journeys together. Funny how blogs can help erase miles, huh??!?!!? :D

Caycee, my dear, God so blessed me when He brought you into my life! To travel this journey with you, in the same town, with the same agency, with the same love for God and our children........God has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination with you! So happy to see Medhanit HOME!

Abby said...

brings tears to my eyes:)
*thanks so much for getting a OH shirt, you are so sweet!!!

Brad and Tara said...

So sweet that you were able to meet this beautiful child right as she got home!!! Your love pours out in your descriptions!!! Love it!!

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