Tuesday, March 1, 2011



We have progressed another month into our now predicted 5-8 month wait for our little one(s)!  Another month closer to you, babe(s)!!!!  Praying, PRAYING that there are no further delays or months added to this wait and that we find out WHO you are THIS MONTH!!!!  VERY EXCITING!!!!

There has been so much activity within our agency again TODAY!  So many families taking more steps closer to their children!  GO, GOD!

TWO more families received Court Dates!

THREE more families PASSED COURT!  ~
Their children are legally and officially THEIRS!  
Now, they await an Embassy Date.

FOUR families were cleared for Embassy!
They travel to pick up their children SOON!!!!

Although such movement does not move us up on the list, we CELEBRATE with these families, as God is bringing them to their kiddos!  We know it will be US awaiting these dates ~ hopefully sooner than later ~ and we can only imagine how awesome it must feel to get this news!

Jeff sent me a very precious email yesterday, marking our 7 months DTE.  His timing was perfect!  His heart, so loving.  His love for God, our children and me, very pure.  Priceless!  With his permission, I share his "love note" to me with you:

Hey babe,

Was thinking about you this morning while I was reading Joel (he gets Joel Osteen's daily devotions).  I know this journey of Adoption seems to be never ending... and I can understand why you may feel the frustration and heartbreak of things taking their sweet time.  Below, Joel reminds us that this is "The Story of Your Life"!  God has everything written out, and in the chapters to come their is tremendous victory!  I know that our chapters seem long and numbered, but I can honestly tell you that He has all the glory in the end and he showers us with His love beyond imagination.  It's coming hon!  Endure for now, but be prepared!  The celebration is being arranged, the angels are preparing the choir, and every soul in heaven is lining up for tickets for that front row seat.  It will be amazing!  

Such a spectacle requires much preparation!  Our family and our relationship with God will be the main characters.  We are being prepared for this HUGE production.  We play such a crucial role, one not to be taken lightly, and God is sculpting us towards His character.  I don't want to hurry this process because He will know when I'm prepared.  He is coaching me and training me.  I've never done this before and so I trust the timing of my Coach and believe that He wont let me perform before I am ready.  

I am excited!  I want to go now and trust that His timing is right, but I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about going too early.  I'm thankful that I don't have control, because I risk going too soon before I'm ready.  I believe He is at work, and although I don't see what He's doing, I know He is alive and working.  I feel emotions moving through me.  I feel words of encouragement surrounding me.  I see Him hand picking new friendships, and opening doors to other relationships.  I am being transformed.  You are too.  We have grown tremendously within the last year, and in hindsight it has been totally worth it.  I have greater confidence in His timing now because I have seen these works being done in us.  Can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!

I love you!  You are my beloved!

I love you with all my heart, honey.  You are an amazing husband, and are already an incredible Daddy. THANK YOU for being my anchor during this time of waiting.  For helping me to keep my eyes on God.  For helping to shine the light on ALL the GOOD that has transpired from our journey to our children.  THANK YOU for loving me as Christ would have you love me!



Me said...

What an awesome note! Thank you for sharing!

Carmen D.

erica said...

Precious. Thanks for the encouragement this morning. :)

Kelly said...

What a thoughtful and wise husband you have! He is so right...I can't imagine all the things I would rush into and mess up if it weren't for the Lord's timing in my life!!

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

What a awesome note...I love those special
notes from our hubbies :)

Brad and Tara said...

So sweet!! It's hard to remember not to rush into things and thankfully God knows when we are ready!! Thank goodness God knows better than us!! I sure would mess up the timing A LOT!! Praying for continued patience and peace as God continues to write your story AND prepare your children for you AND you for your children!!

Alison said...

So sweet!! So excited for ya'll! Your getting so close!

jkseevers said...

awesome, Debb! I'm sure that note came at just the right time. What a blessing. God is so good. It's going to be happening very soon! I am soo eager for you guys!


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