Sunday, March 6, 2011


GOD continues to move in our adoption agency, as there were 3 baby referrals on Friday (one I just learned about)!  An infant girl and two baby boys (one 2 mos old; other 4 mos old)!  We are SO excited for these families!  One of the families was not on the "unofficial list" so their referral did not move us up...........sooooooo..............


We also received a prayer request from our adoption agency on Friday that I want to share with you in hopes that you will join us in FERVENT PRAYER all week!  Many of the families in our adoption agency have chosen a specific hour time slot throughout the Ethiopian work day, to dedicate to PRAYING DAILY OVER THIS ISSUE (see below)!  Please join us in asking GOD to MOVE BIG on behalf of His children in Ethiopia!  Here's the prayer request we received from Caitlin:

"We are writing to ask your family to join us in prayer for the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs (MOWA) regarding the number of cases they will be able to process each day. They have made statements that they desire to decrease the number of recommendation letters they write each day. We understand that because of these statements, the Court and MOWA are in the process of meeting to discuss and work out any potential changes or new processes regarding adoptions in Ethiopia. We want to blanket these meetings with prayer and ask you to come along side us in this."

Every adoption from Ethiopia has to have a letter from MOWA, verifying approval of this child for adoption.  Without this paper a family cannot pass court, which is what finalizes the adoption and makes the child officially part of their FOREVER FAMILY!  MOWA has been quite delayed in providing this paper, and ~50% of families do not pass court the first time, thus, delaying the second travel for Embassy (picking up your child to bring HOME).  

MOWA is talking about going from writing about 40 letters a day to 5 letters a day!  This could significantly delay the whole adoption process and keep children in orphanages up to one year longer than the current process!  

Please be in prayer that GOD will not let this slow down the adoption process any more than it already has.  Please pray that GOD will step in and provide alternative solutions that will provide MOWA with the help they need to complete these letters without extending a child's stay in an orphanage! 


erica said...

Praying! And so excited that you're getting so close to your referral! I can't wait to hear all about it, and may you feel the peace of God surround you during your last little bit of waiting! :)

Alison said...

Praying hard!! And fasting about this for the next 24 hours!! Love all your movement! Hope ya'll get the call very soon! :)

Karen said...

Deb - I'm praying about the situation in Ethiopia! You've been on my mind a lot lately as you near the "top of the list". Incredible blessings are just around the corner for you and Jeff - and I can't wait to hear the wonderful news! love, Karen Wistrom

connie said...

We will be praying and trusting the Lord.

Lara said...

Although we are adopting from a different African country now, this news out of Ethiopia saddened me. UNTIL I read this blog post written by my friend Erica:

It put things in a whole new perspective! Instead of feeling sad for the parents stuck waiting, I was suddenly struck with the importance of making sure these adoptions are ethical with so much corruption going on. I pray MOWA works in the best interest of all children, whatever that looks like.

Debb said...

Oh, Lara, I couldn't agree more that corruption MUST be stopped! I also believe that MOWA has the children's best interest at heart! Praise God! And, I did read Erica's post this weekend too, and agree with her heart!

I just PRAY that GOD provides a way to help MOWA complete their investigations without making the children's stay in an orphanage up to a whole year longer than already expected! Seems there should be a way! GOD loves these kiddos and will do right by them. That, we all can rely on! May we all continue to PRAY over these meetings this week so that a conclusion of ethical practice with efficiency is found!

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