Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks For Asking........

My creative and artsy blog friend, Jodi, has used her talent to make many AMAZING pieces of adoption art.  Her most recent project is a special set of three cards.  Cards meant to assist adoptive families in answering questions about adoption, while simultaneously advocating, educating, and helping to "change the world."  I figured it best to allow her to describe the cards, so I have cut/pasted most of her blog post below.

As a family that has chosen adoption, you may be approached by curious strangers, friends, co-workers, or family.  I have tried to address several questions.  "How much did your child cost?  Are they siblings?  Why did their 'real' parents give them up?  He is so lucky to have you.  Oh, you are such a good American for doing this."  Yes, either you have heard them... or you will.  How do we answer these questions?  Sometimes the answer is... no answer at all.   "Thank you for asking.... I think this might answer some of your questions." Smile.  Then hand them these cards (in hopes to advocate, educate and change the world).

Advocate... Educate... CHANGE THE WORLD
"Thank You for Asking" (front side)
There are many ways to create or build a family. We have chosen to build our family through adoption. Thousands of children will be adopted into the U.S. this year. Our child is legally 100% ours, and just like a biological child, our love for him/her was born and grew from our hearts. This makes him/her our real, chosen, beloved son/daughter, for whom we would die and give our lives. He/she calls us mother and father. At times, you may see a family who has both adopted and biological children. It is important to know that these children are siblings, regardless of how they come into the family.  
copyright protected by J.Queenan

"A Child's Story" (back side)
Every child’s story is unique, whether or not there are adopted. Adopted children are not bought. The cost of their care in his/her native country, and why their first family was unable to care for him/her, is private. For an adopted child, this is their story to tell when they are adults, with the closest people in their lives. But, what I can tell you is that we are not special people because we have chosen to adopt this child. Rather, we are blessed to have been given this opportunity to parent this child. We are also thankful for family, friends, community, and the kindness of strangers to learn and educate themselves about adoption.  
copyright protected by J.Queenan


"One Person Can Change the World" (front side)
....with a bird illustrated by Jodi Queenan, Artist 

"Adoption is not for everyone but you can change lives." (back side)  There are 143 million orphans in the world today. The number is growing. Below is a list of organizations that support and educate the public about orphan care. Children's Hopechest, Love Without Boundaries, Drawn from Water, and Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  copyright protected by J.Queenan

I have made these little kits inexpensive... Please do not reprint them.  They are copyright protected.  They are glossy and professionally printed.  With rounded edges and full color.  A set of 10 cards is only $5.75 and a set of 20 is $10.  I hope you will find them helpful....  If you are willing, please forward to your fellow adoptee families.  



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