Thursday, December 2, 2010


Date night was fun last night! We went to "The Flicks" to see the movie, which is the only theater in town that offers wine/beer and dinners (as well as typical sodas and snacks) for you to enjoy during the movie! I, of course, stuck true to my MilkDuds!

Okay, so the movie, 127 HOURS, wasn't romantic (not that we thought it would be). It wasn't a comedy. Nor was it family friendly, with its language and bloody scene of when he cuts off his own arm to survive. It was, however, amazing to think that the story was true. Someone actually endured that. And lived! And, I believe, learned the importance of allowing others into your life. We cannot live this life alone! We need one another! God created to live in community. NOT isolation!

Just another reason I THANK GOD for each of you as we travel our own personal journeys of life.......TOGETHER!!!!


We have been getting dumped on (in Boise terms) with snow the last couple of days, and WE. ARE. LOVING.IT! Bogus (our nearby ski resort) got a FOOT of snow just Tuesday night! We have more snow (~ a foot!) on the ground than I have ever seen in my 15 years of living in Boise! BRING IT!!!!

Of course, last night after the movie, Jeff "had" to take us to a parking lot to "teach" me how to do doughnuts/cookies, " you can learn how to handle the Yukon if it ever slips out of control on ice!" {how was THAT for justification of my man wanting to play like a kid! love it!}

If this snow puts you in the Christmas Spirit, and triggers that desire to start (or finish) your Christmas shopping, while helping out a friend of mine, as they journey to their child, keep reading!...........................

Connie and her husband adopted their precious Emily from China a couple of years ago, and they are now pursuing adoption of their second daughter guessed it!.......Ethiopia!

Want to shop THIRTY-ONE and help Connie and her family out at the same time?

Connie has a friend, Anne, who is a Thirty-one consultant and she offered to hold a sale for Connie and Rick, where 100% of the profits from the sale will go toward their adoption!

The party is December 1 - December 11th.

Just by placing an order, you will be entered into a GIVEAWAY for a Scentsy Warmer with 3 different Scentsy Wax Bars (THANKS, Andrea!).

Also, with any purchase total of $31 there will be a few select items offered for additional purchase at HALF PRICE!

To see all of the Thirty One items visit Anne's site.

On the right at the bottom you will see "MY EVENTS." Click it and choose DAVIS FAMILY. This will give Rick and Connie's adoption fund credit.

And THANKS for supporting our friends and their adoption!


erica said...

Wow! Look at all that snow! We have only had a few flurries so far here in Ohio. And I love the Thirty One idea - they have really neat products.

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