Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Know what that means??!!??!!??!!??.......................we are in the timeline that our agency told us to expect to wait for our REFERRAL! Remember, they estimate that it will take us 4 to 6 months to get our referral (which means finding out WHO OUR CHILD or CHILDREN ARE!)!

We continue to lean on God throughout this, and as of late, there has not been any referrals, and the silence is DEAFENING!!! We do, however, trust that all is according to God's timing, and once again, our timing is just not God's. But ONE of these days it WILL BE!

Reaching these little milestones means a LOT to adoptive families. We don't get to watch our tummies grow or feel the children kicking in our tummies, but milestones such as getting one month closer feels much the same to us! {smile}

I was going to say that our very FUN and non-traditional Thanksgiving could totally count for our 4 month DTE date night, but given that those plans were made FOR Thanksgiving, we have chosen something else to help us celebrate our 4 month mark!

First, I will share with you what we did for Thanksgiving. Jeff totally surprised me. Of course, the "planner" in me unknowingly made it hard for him to keep a secret ~ as did his excitement that was bursting to share his secret plans! {smile}

I kept hounding him to sit with me and make a final decision about how to spend the holiday ~ with friends, just the two of us, skiing in Salt Lake City, yadayada. So, he "gave in" and revealed his plans a few days early. How sweet! He had made reservations for us at Berry Hill, a nice local restaurant (YUMMY!)...........and then made reservations at The Anniversary Inn!

The Anniversary Inn has different theme rooms to choose from and he chose the Mansion Room. What a beautiful Victorian-style room! A non-traditional Thanksgiving that was PERFECT for our last Thanksgiving as the two-of-us!


SO! Given that he made those plans with the holiday in mind, we have chosen to make a date night tonight specifically for our FOUR MONTH mark!

What did we choose!?!?..................We are going to a movie!

As easy as it is for us to go to a movie now, we haven't lately; and we hear how hard it is to go to a theater when you first become parents!

Remember the story of the climber who got stuck and had to amputate his own arm to survive? We are going to the movie about that story! Should be amazing!

I'll fill you in tomorrow....................


jkseevers said...

Happy Anniversary! It's soo encouraging to hear that you are now at the 4 month mark AND you're on deck! WOOHOO!! We are eager to be at that point. But also we're so thrilled to finally be DTE. It is such a huge accomplishment. I'm praying along with many other families that things REALLY pick up with referrals, court dates, and embassy appts. Have a great evening together. I'm super excited to hear the news re: your baby/babies... I check your blog daily!
Not sure how I have time for that with 4 kids, homeschooling etc. but somehow I do, and I can't wait for you guys!!!
Trusting that THIS IS THE MONTH for you guys!!

Have a great night:)

Tracy said...

I love your comment about watching your belly grow vs. monthly DTEs. Exactly!! And you'll HAVe to let me know about the movie - I heard it was pretty rough! People passing out in the theaters!

Abby said...

thats exciting!! I can't wait till we are DTE.

Jodes and Boz said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!! What a great surprise that must have been.... he's a keeper. :-) Also, congrats on being FOUR months DTE!!! Hoping you get that long awaited call soon....

Alison said...

YAY for being 4 months DTE!!! That is awesome!! Hope those referrals start coming quickly!!

Shannon said...

Congrats on 4 month DTE!!!! I was thinking the other day that if this was a pregnancy I've been pregnant since February (when we applied) and I'm a little over due:)
As the person directly below you I especially can't wait to hear about your referral!!!!! I'm still really hoping we wind up in ET at the same time!
Here's to hoping those referrals start pouring in!

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