Saturday, October 16, 2010

God IS in the small stuff too!

Remember what I said in my last post............God IS in the small stuff!

I just got a call from the Baby Daily to discuss the color difference I had commented on between our crib and our dresser. You see, last time I was in there, I told them that I noticed the color of our double dresser differed from the crib, in that it was more golden/red than our dark chocolate crib. They tried to be polite, but clearly thought that I was crazy! {smile}

Weeellllll.........she just phoned me this morning to inform me that she was at a convention of some sort and learned that Bonavita had changed their "Chocolate" color. YUP! It is more golden! {I'm not sure what is more exciting ~ the fact that we get our nursery furniture to match better, or that I am not crazy! Ha!}

Bless her heart, she remembered my comment and phoned me to let me know that she was on the hunt to find me the "old" {better, in my opinion} chocolate dresser! She is also going to make sure that the remaining tall dresser we are waiting for ~ and the bed rails for when we turn the crib into a toddler bed and then full bed ~ are the correct shade of chocolate too!

This may sound silly, but this means the WORLD to me! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I am praising GOD right now! He even cares about such little details as this! I KNOW that HE is helping to get this straightened out! HE listened to me and heard my disappointment!


Isn't that just sweet!?!?


Unknown said...

Hi Debb! My husband and I met your husband at church last night. We were very blessed to hear your story. I told your husband that we would pray for God's speed in this process. I know it will be difficult to meet your baby and then have to leave him or her to come home and wait. Just remember this, that baby is God's too and when you are not there He will be. This will be your first encounter with a life long lesson on parenting with an open hand. Meaning when we have our children many of us believe that we as parents we will hold all control over what happens to them in the palm of our very own hand. That we will be the door by which all things that affect our children will pass and we will then become the filter standing between them and all good and bad experiences. To some extent this is true and we should function in this regard as parents but when we can't, when they won't let us, when circumstances won't let us, and when the world won't let us we have to hold our children with an open hand and know that they were His first and He is so totally faithful.
I have to admit I am not a big blogger and we are not on face book or anything fun like that but I would love to get an email from you when you get word and are leaving so we can pray specifically for you then. If you would like to you can email us at

Blessing! Jen

Unknown said...'s absolutely sweet...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

How are you friend?

Angela said...


jkseevers said...

You are awesome! I love your heart:) So happy that the furniture situation is working out. God absolutely IS in the little things;)


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