Thursday, October 28, 2010



Well, as it goes for most weddings, many things could not be done until the last week. That means we got to help with the final details for my brother, Duke, and Beth's wedding! They got married on October 23rd!

Beth did an amazing job tolerating the pouring RAIN the day of the wedding, topped by not liking her up-do at ALL, and needing to go to a whole new salon to have her hair re-done (it was nothing like the trial run, and the girl kept trying to fix it but only making it worse!). She says she cried in the car, but we never saw her emotions. Stoic face the entire time.

I am happy to say that the wedding was beautiful and the rain stopped enough that we could have the pictures taken outside! The cloud cover created a great setting for Autumn photos in the vineyard! Our bridesmaid dresses were merlot color and the tuxes were chocolate. Can you say BE-EAU-TI-FUL!?!?

Here are just a few of the photos to give you an idea........

Me and Jeff at rehearsal

Duke (my brother, the groom) and
my nephew, Dylan, the ring bearer

My niece, Alyssa, the flower girl

Me and my sister, Dawn.....bridesmaids...

All the Girls.......

The Wedding Party

Newly announced husband and wife!

My sweet husband, Jeff, and me!

Guess what our wonderful bridesmaid present was?!? i-shuffle!!!! In a cool orange! LOVE IT!

CONGRATULATIONS, DUKE AND BETH! May you cherish your lifetime love!

I miss my family terribly, already! But am oh so grateful for the fun and love we shared during my week long visit! I love you guys!


jkseevers said...

beautiful pics!! You look lovely:) LOVE your brother's name, Duke... such a fun name:)

Have a great night!

Alison said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!! You look so pretty!

Angela said...

Pretty pictures!

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