Friday, October 15, 2010


OKAY. Have you seen this movie yet? If not, you MUST! Jeff and I just finished watching it tonight. My honey went right to playing his guitar......and well......I had to come write this post. It just feels like I need to capture ~ or release/write down my feelings.

This movie made me nervous, made me sad, made me both laugh and cry, while totally warming my heart ~ all in one show! Good clean movie that uses the language of music (GREAT music of all types) to draw a family together!

August Rush motivates you to dream. To pursue those dreams, regardless the cost. To love life, and all it has in it. Do YOU hear the music in all of life's happenings? It's there.

We just have to listen.

Well, this post wouldn't be complete without sharing with you how it made me relate to August, the orphan, who hoped to find his parents through the music they gifted to him.

The story does an amazing job of highlighting how, in our perspective, God orchestrates all things that happen in life. The BIG events as well as the tiny details. GOD IS IN ALL OF IT!!! He guides each and every one of us toward His divine plan for our lives. He is leading Jeff and me to our children, and them to us. We may not be able to grasp how this is possible, but we just have to follow where the music leads......

We just have to BELIEVE and have a little FAITH!

I cannot say that I am very musically inclined {I only sing in the shower and at church; and the only instruments I ever played was the flute and piccolo}. I do, however, feel a rhapsody playing in my own heart, that started its quiet beginning when I first dreamed of being a mommy. That song has been orchestrated by my Heavenly Father, and amidst this adoption, He has flourished my "Momma Song" into a Rhapsody!

Sometimes this rhapsody is fast-moving and full of excitement and joy. Other times it is a soft sweet melody, as I dream of holding our little one(s) in my arms. As of late, it has been a bit of a sorrowful ballad, as my heart aches for us to move forward. Closer to our child or children. But now, after watching this movie, I feel my heart refill with hope, belief and joy. We are right where God wants us to be!

I may not be playing a song physically, but God is orchestrating our family story into a most beautiful rhapsody, that will have an ever-precious and grand ending.....that will actually be a beautiful beginning!

God creates each one of us with a gaping void that can only be filled by Him. I can't help but wonder if when He created our children, if He also created in them a hole meant for only Jeff and I ~ their momma and daddy ~ to fill.

Lord knows, there is a space in my heart that can only be made complete with the very children God created to place in our arms, life and family forever!

This Marquez Rhapsody is quite beautiful already. And it is only going to get more beautiful! I wonder if they hear it too. Clear on the other side of this world.


Dustin & Megan said...

oh i <3 that movie, so do my kids. it is so wonderful to think about God's symphony that is our lives :)

Abby said...

Now I need to re-rent that movie. I feel the "music" in me too. Great post:)

jkseevers said...

Excellent post, Debb! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that movie. Makes me cry just thinking of it.
Keep on believing, girl. That faith that you have in The Lord following through on this is the very thing that pleases Him! I know from what I've read on your blog that you've had a very difficult start to parenthood. But as you've already pointed out, The Lord IS orchestrating a beautiful symphony and it's all about your beautiful family. I can't WAIT to see a Marquez family picture VERY SOON!!
Blessings to you! and cyber hugs!


Nate and Pam said...

This is one of my favorite movies EVER!!!!

Alison said...

Okay, I have GOT to see this movie...can't wait! It sounds great!

Jodes and Boz said...

Great post! This is one of my favorite movies!!

Angela said...

I loved this movie... Its been awhile I need to watch it again!

Tanya said...

I saw that movie, it made me cry!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Just found your blog - we're also adopting from Ethiopia :)

Great post! I loved this movie too!

Blessings to you guys!


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