Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have been FLYING HIGH all day, knowing that we are LEAVING FOR VACATION TOMORROW! For TEN whole days! I have not had a vacation ~ or even left town ~ for SIX months! I AM READY! MORE ready than I even realized! My soul has been light ever since we decided to continue our annual visit to Vail (Jeff's parents still live there and his sis will be there too!) ~ awesome fireworks, sharing my birthday with his family, mountain biking, hiking (we're gonna climb my first 14er!)........NOTHIN' BUT FUN!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to have received our letter from Colorado before leaving, but our mailbox is empty. I called the Colorado people and they still have not done the letter we need! WHAT!? A week after our request, and they have not received what they need to do the letter! Can you say AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! with me!?

This news was like getting hit in the gut unexpectedly. HARD.

Then my mind spirals to my upcoming birthday. Another birthday WAITING to be a mom. But not one. Yet.

Jeff just came home and did a good job of reminding me that God IS in this ~ even when we do not see Him. The enemy is just trying to steal my joy. I cannot lose the joy and excitement I have carried toward this MUCH needed reprieve away from work, adoption stuff, house stuff, etc. I NEED TO LEAVE TOWN and JUST ENJOY MY LIFE!!!!!

So, with a huge sigh and LOTS of prayer, I am going to do my best to do just that. ENJOY MY LIFE. No matter what the enemy tries to throw at me. Even though I have no idea when we will get this Colorado letter so that we can send it off to USCIS. Again.

Oops......there I go.......starting down that negative slide again. Such a slippery slide it is! I just need to walk away and not think about it. Can I really do that?!? I need to give it an honest try.

Hhhhhmmmmmmm......where oh where is a positive slide! I am SO in need of one of those! {smile} May our vacation be filled with lots of positive slides and rides!

Prayers for this last hurdle to get us into the real 4 to 6 month waiting would be so much appreciated!

Wishing all you a FUN and safe 4th of July!


Unknown said...

hey darling me :)

hugs, stacy

Karen said...

Debb - we hit delay after delay after delay - and it was excrutiating. But - it all melted away the first moment we met our sons face-to-face. In the darkest moments, the one thought that reasured me was that God knew who my children were at the beginning of time and I needed to rest in that knowledge. with love, Karen Wistrom

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