Thursday, July 8, 2010


WHEW! We have SO been enjoying our vacation in Colorado! I had a great birthday ~ THANK YOU for all my wonderful b-day wishes! We are having a wonderful times with family and friends, and are enjoying playing in the gorgeous mountains. An overall GREAT soul revival! {sigh} We are remembering what the definition of RELAXATION truly is. I LOVE COLORADO!!!!!

So, get this. We were sitting outside on the deck, sipping our morning coffee today, when I received a phone call on my cell. It was from Immigration Services! Our officer was giving our case PERSONAL attention! {smile} She was calling to follow up on the letter that we have been trying to get from Colorado. I explained that we had not yet received it, and thanked her for the personal care and attention. She assured me that all looked fabulous in our case and once she received the letter from Colorado, she promised to immediately mail us our I-171H!

I called the Colorado office for a third time in just over a week.......hey, squeaky wheels get what they need sometimes....right!? RIGHT!!!! This office had just received what they needed to proceed with their letter! To summarize the rest of the story, Saytee (Jeff's mom) was traveling to Denver and was able to PICK UP the letter TODAY!!!! She immediately went across the street to the post office there, and mailed the letter to USCIS overnight! Immigration Services will receive what they need TOMORROW by NOON!!!!! Saytee saves the day!

Amazing that we can be relaxing and enjoying our getaway, while God continues to move the right hands to complete yet another step in our process of adoption! It is all mailed and we just have to wait for the I-171H form to come to our mailbox! Watch out Mr. Postman, my stalking resumes! {giggle}

THANK YOU to all who have offered up prayers on our behalf with this hiccup in obtaining our I-171H. God hears our prayers, and each one that you have said has contributed to the movement that we are now experiencing again in our journey. I SO NEEDED TO SEE FORWARD MOVEMENT IN OUR JOURNEY!!!!!

Most importantly, Lord, I thank You..........for refreshing my soul when it was desert dry, and for blessing us with this forward movement. You are doing awesome things with all of the families in our agency, and we thank you for the amazing ways you are answering all of our prayers for one another! I must admit, it is exciting to see some of that forward movement in our own story again too! We all know your love and your desire to bless each family. I thank you for showering your unconditional love upon each one of us, as we walk out our steps toward our children!

We're coming baby, we're coming!!!!


Brad and Tara said...

How awesome to have it hand delivered and the mailed again and know its on its probably there now. Hope it'll be back to your house this next week! Isn't it funny we are so anxious to get these forms, but we barely look at them before we make a copy and send it off

Mark and Wendy said...

I'm so glad it made it and that you're feeling refreshed and encouraged!

Debb said...

THANKS for sharing our excitement Brad and Tara and Mark and Wendy! Funny how little things can mean so much to us in this adoption process! :o) Congrats on your being DTE and "on deck," respectively! How very VERY exciting!!!!!!

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