Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, we are now home from our precious trip to Vail! We had a fabulous trip! Awesome mountain playtime, quality family time, and even some rest and relaxation snuck in between! Jeff and I truly did not know how MUCH we needed the getaway! Amazing how time away from reality and life can refresh your soul! I am hoping to post a few pics of the trip soon. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we arrived home safe and sound. Now.......its back to reality.......still a bit on vacation mode..... getting there, though! {smile} Ahhhhhh the life of no responsibility or stress! Ya gotta love it!


Mom said...

Hi Debb~

I guess I should go back and read my own words. We're still waiting for our I-171H form. After resubmitting our Home Study with some items that were missing, we should be good to go now. But, I still feel discouraged every time I check the mail. The good thing is one of these days I will be elated! Hopefully, tomorrow!!

Have you received yours yet?


Debb said...

Nope. We have not received ours. YET! So praying that we BOTH get ours SOON! How great to be DTE within a close timeframe! Praying that you are able to continue to trust in God's plan and timing ~ over our own. Glad to know someone else struggles with trying to take the reigns from our Heavenly Father. Will pray for you in the waiting......

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