Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, as all of you know, we have been pursuing adoption of an infant boy 0 to 6 months of age. What we have shared with a few of you, is that we also put in a request for siblings ~ twins, or a second sibling 2 yrs or younger. Our family coordinator was willing to let us put this as our request, as long as we understood the very LOW chance we had of getting siblings of such a young age.

With this understanding, we went ahead and put our heart's desire in our Application Letter, figuring we would let God have His way in our lives. One son, or two children. We know that we would be MORE than EXSTATIC, either way.

Well, as time ticks away and we continue to wait for our I-171H, we feel that one good thing that has come from our extra waiting period is this. We have decided to change our request by increasing the age range of our second child to 0 to 3 years old.

We are not sure if increasing one more year will make a difference in God's plan for our family, but we have been excited to think of the possibility of TWO children coming HOME. FOREVER! We go back and forth as to what to picture ~ will GOD bless us with one child? or two children? Although we are not sure what God is planning, we DO know this!


It is up to us to just follow His lead. That is what we feel we are doing. With such an EXCITEMENT, in fact, that it makes this waiting very HARD at times. We know that in the end, when we hold our child or our children in our arms, kiss his or their face/s, all this waiting will be MORE than worth it!!! {sigh........with a HUGE smile}


The Davidsons said...


I check on you everyday hoping that your I-171 has come in the mail. I am certain that I will be more excited for you on that day than I was when we received our own.

Praying for continued patience...I know it is hard!


Debb said...

Awww....aren't you sweet! We cannot thank you enough for praying for us! That form just HAS to arrive one of these days.....or my poor mailman is going to ask for a different route! Ha!

Don't worry, I bet you will be able to hear my squeals when it finally arrives! :o)

Karen said...

Oh how exciting!! You are right - God already knows!!!! Knowing that one truth was what got me through our long wait and repeated failed court dates!!! And yet God knew from the beginning of time! It is so hard to have the patience - and yet the heart-ache disappears the very first moment you set eyes on him (them) !! HUGS!!! Karen Wistrom

Jodes and Boz said...

How exciting! We are also requesting a baby boy and are open (and really hoping for!) a sibling group under the age of four. The more we think about it, the more we would LOVE to bring home TWO little ones!! But like you said, God has it all planned out already. What an exciting journey, isn't it!?

Natalia K said...

Hi Debb! I tried to comment about an hour ago but it looks like it disappeared somewhere so I'll re-post it and hope that there won't be two identical comments later on! I sneaked a peak at your blog a few months ago, actually, but haven't commented until today.

I am so excited for you and Jeff, and that you are this far in your journey towards having your little one home! It sounds like this is a long, trying process, and I'm glad you have hope and trust in God to guide you through it all--though I'm sure it's challenging at times.

I have been thinking of you often, and praying for you. In fact, Yury and I stumbled on the Twilight Criterium in downtown Boise last weekend and I kept looking around for you thinking you might be there, because I remember talking about it a few years ago.

Anyway, I have added your blog to my Google reader so I can follow it on a regular basis. Can't wait to someday (hopefully soon) see that post of your little one(s) finally in your arms!!


Nikki said...

I LOVE your design and your story! I posted a link from my blog to yours! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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