Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well.......we heard from USCIS.......which is good, I guess. At least we know that attention has been given to our case. However, after our case sat on her desk for HOW many weeks?!? (SIX!) she phoned me yesterday stating all looked good......EXCEPT.........

Nothing major at all. Just need one form to be presented in a different format, from Colorado. I immediately got on the phone with the Colorado people and they are getting right on it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

NOW.......hoping and praying that we get this updated form in the mail BEFORE we leave for our 9 day vacation, early July 2nd! If not, we have some great friends who have offered to come over ~ open the mail from CO ~ and put it in the overnight envelope we will have ready ~ waiting to have this updated form placed in it and mailed off to USCIS.

Wouldn't it be GREAT to come home from vacation with that I171H waiting for our return!?!? We will see how fast things move along, once USCIS receives this updated form.

Gosh, hold-ups are hard.

Well, after allowing myself an hour of a "pooh-pooh" attitude, I kept looking up and remembering that even this does not surprise our God. HE knows who our son is ~ and exactly WHEN our paperwork needs to get to Ethiopia so that he becomes matched with US!!!!! He may still be in his precious birth mommy's tummy, and God is slowing us down so the timing is just right!!!

Still trying to let go of my timeline and welcome God's timeline. Getting better at it, though.... I think.......


Brad and Tara said...

Oh man, I was hoping the update was your I71h was in the mail already. They sure aren't in any hurry. We got a letter from them about 3 weeks ago saying they needed an original of ILs letter instead of the copy that was sent to them, ugh. I do love that we are both at the same stage. But I also hope this stage is about over for the both of us. Gods perfect plan will look a lot better on the other side of all this waiting!! :)
Praying for patience and peace for both of us!

Mom said...

We've been waiting for ours, too. USCIS sent a list of things (nothing major) that should have been in our Home Study. Our social worker took care of it the very same day, but now we are waiting for our new and improved notarized copies. My last two blogs were about this very issue. I'm so thankful God is in control!

April D said...

When we got our I-171H back, we put it on the refrigerator where it's been for 9+ months. It's like our version of an ultrasound. It WAS a great day. :)

Erica said...

Yes you can still order!!

Erica said...

Thank you for your support!! I'll be adding you to my blogroll! Can't wait to see your new design! So so excited for you and your family!! The song on your blog is the song that I played over and over and over during our first adoption. Love it!!

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