Friday, May 14, 2010


WOW! It took us a few WEEKS longer than we had planned, but we have officially mailed off our home study and I-600A form to the United States Citizen Immigration Services (USCIS) today! Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Well, we tried to hurry things along, though Colorado wasn't in too big of a hurry to provide us our one last form, but we received the form today! THANKS, Sattie, for overnighting it to us ~ we got it this morning! We hurried to the post office to mail our I-600A (along with our home study and other papers) this afternoon, and we now begin our wait on our US government.

USCIS will review our home study and our request for adoption. Once approved, they will send us a date to be fingerprinted and will send us that all-important I-171H form! Once that form is in our hands, we can THEN send ALL our paperwork (Dossier) to that they can give their final approval and send our Dossier to Ethiopia! We are told to anticipate a 6-12 week wait for USCIS, though a fellow Idahoan adoptive mom told me it only took them about 4 weeks to receive it. PRAY for expediency, please! The sooner we get it, the sooner we can begin our 3 to 6 month wait for our son! :o)

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement! There have been a few weeks of waiting that I was not anticipating on this side of things, and you helped me through the frustration with a peace. We give all of this to God, and will try our best to just go on with life this next month without worry of time and with much excitement and joy!


beBOLDjen said...

Hey there,
Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I had to enable comment moderation beause I was getting spam commenters linking to inappropiate sites. Don't worry, I only published one of your comments. haha THANKS so much for taking time to leave me a note.... or two.

I sure hope your I171h comes quickly so you can be DTE :-)

Unknown said...

Ugghhh...all those weeks here and weeks there sure add up quick :) USCIS has been moving quickly these days so I pray it continues to do so for you guys!! You are so very close!! One tidbit of may be able to walk-in early for your fingerprinting appt. We got our notice and went in the same day (our scheduled appt. was 2 weeks out). Not sure that it sped anything up but it made us feel better to not keep the ball in our court :)

Blessings and thanks for your sweet words on my blog!! Can't wait to watch God move for you guys!!!

Brad and Tara said...

We just sent our approved homestudy to USCIS too! Hopefully they are moving quickly! Maybe we will be DTE about the same time!! Praying for patience for all of us!

Doug and Danielle said...

This is so exciting! You never know what God will do, we had our fingerprints and I71H in less then 2 weeks. Praying you get everything quickly.


Michelle said...

That is so great Debb!

pmalleca said...

Praying it comes quickly!! You are flying through the paperchase! It took us 8 mths to be DTE!!! It will be such a relief to be done!

Debb said...

THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT, EVERYONE! It is so nice to share our joy of accomplishing a big step with others! Praying for each of you and where you are in your own journeys! :o)

Tracy said...

still rushing home every day at lunch to check the mail. No go yet!! I chuckled when I saw that your homestudy took 'a few extra weeks'. Ours was 'suppose' to be done in February. But my husband was laid off in Dec. Rehired in Dec. Social worker cut her finger on CAULIFLOWER and couldn't type. Got it finally done and my fed check had expired. Sent it to AWAA where my case worker was on vacation. Off to DSS and they found a missing segment. Sheeezzz. Few months late, better late than never!!!!

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