Sunday, May 9, 2010


THANK YOU to those of you who blessed me with your wishes for my "Happy First Mother's Day!" You touched my heart in a very precious way. More than you may ever know. You are right. WE ARE PAPER PREGNANT! And it is SO EXCITING! I asked God to protect our son, to nurture him and to keep him safe. And I asked that he bring our son home to us one day soon. I dreamed of what next Mother's Day will be like, hopefully being able to hold our son in my arms! It seems so surreal! I know our road to him still has many miles, but I enjoyed the day tremendously, thinking of how blessed I am to have both Jeff, and my soon-to-be son!

I also spent time today thanking God for my Mom, Doreen, and Jenni. Each one of them blesses my life with their presence in it. They will be such amazing Grandmas to our little one!

Oftentimes my prayers today reached beyond our son and our mothers. My thoughts and prayers frequently went to this ever precious woman whom I don't even know. Our son's birthmother. It is very likely that she is still carrying our precious boy, and I prayed that God would fill her to overflowing with His peace. I prayed that He would comfort her and assure her that both she and her child/ren are in His hands. That she would know and believe that He will provide for their needs. I asked for nutrition for both her and our child. For their safety and their comfort. I don't know the reasons that will lead her to give Jeff and me the most precious gift of all ~ our son ~ but my heart goes out to her. She will never know how ever grateful we are for her selflessness in choosing adoption.

Jeff and I believe that God has known from the beginning who our son is going to be, and how He would orchestrate our becoming a family. It still amazes me that He is going to create our son and bring him to us from half way across the world! We know our God is BIG and we look forward to seeing how this all unfolds! THANK YOU, GOD! May you use our waiting time to continue to show us beautiful ways we can love our son. And teach him how loved he is by you.


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