Friday, May 7, 2010



I anticipated there would be a lot of waiting in this journey to our son, I just didn't expect the waiting would have to occur so early in the process! Ugh!

First, my timing was not quite the same timing of our caseworker, in that she wanted all four books read before we finalized our study. GREAT books, I just would have preferred reading them during the wait after all things were sent off to Ethiopia. Okay, so I re-adjusted my timeline and prayed for patience and got through that, and we have our final notarized Home Study report. YAY!

Now we have been waiting a week for one little piece of paper from Colorado. We need this before we can send off our home study to the USCIS. I phoned them this morning (ONE WEEK after my original request for this paper), and they tell me it hasn't been processed yet. Aargh! They "hope" to process it Monday. They won't, however, mail it overnight (for whatever reason). I'm hoping my mother-in-law, Jennie, will pick it up and mail it to us overnight, as she lives within a mile or two of the place. Go Sattie!

I was hoping to post today that we had sent everything off to USCIS and that our approximately 4 week wait (hopefully not longer) had begun. Maybe early part of next week.

The GREAT news is that there is all kinds of positive action in our AWAA yahoo group! People traveling to their children, court dates and referrals! SO EXCITING! It reminds me that God is in control and He is GOOD! A fellow AWAA yahoo group friend posted a saying that really helped her amidst a recent trying time of her adoption process, "Trust Him when I can't trace Him." (go to to read her story and how this spoke to her).

I chose to cling to these words now ~ and throughout other upcoming waiting periods ~ that I do not understand. May it all be a part of God orchestrating the exact timing for Jeff and me to be united with the very precious little man that He has planned for us from the beginning!


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