Friday, February 27, 2015


Make a Wish, Sweet Babe O' Mine!

We had such FUN celebrating Kaleab today!  I can hardly believe he is four!  The time flies by so quickly, and every new year brings with it new discoveries, new interests, new ways to have fun together, and new things to laugh about!  And a new-found depth of love for this boy!!  Just when I think I couldn't love him more!

He has grown so much this year!  Physically as well as emotionally and intellectually!  From knowing all of his letters and their sounds and knowing how to count to fifteen {recognizes consistently 1-10} expanding his already vast vocabulary and learning how to rhyme words.
From playing with toys by acting out movies and expanding those stories with his own imaginatory play.

From riding his strider bike to riding a big boy bike last Summer!  From playing with "little boy" toys to playing games like "Go Fish," "The Match Game," "Candy Land," "Gumball Grabber "and Toddler "Sequence!"  From watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates to acting as a "Puney Pirate" himself.  All of it!  I love every single minute of staying home with this boy!  {nope!  still don't miss practicing as a Physical Therapist!  My boys fill my days too beautifully to want to do anything else right now!}

Peanut continues to bring such love and light into our days and lives!  So amazed by all of the goodness this precious boy brings to our family!  My heart overflows.......

I often reflect upon the journey to our boys and remember sitting in Kaleab's nursery, rocking with empty arms, crying and praying him home.......and now I have the joy and privilege to love, nurture , giggle with and raise this sweet angel every single day.  BLOWS ME AWAY!!!!

Ka and I had a "THREE-YEAR-OLD INTERVIEW" in bed Tuesday night, his last night of being three.  Oh how I wish I would have recorded the interview!  It was priceless!  He hammed it up so well, like he was really getting interviewed!  I'm gonna see if I can get him to re-enact it for me for a keepsake!  {no luck with that yet}

Here are the answers to his questions I asked in the "interview."

FAVORITE ANIMAL:  "Warthog"  {he's into Lion King these days, can you tell?  wink}
FAVORITE DINNER:  "Bratwurst"   {LOL!}
FAVORITE GAMES TO PLAY:  "Gumball Grabber and Candyland. Oh!  I love to play Star Wars too!"
FAVORITE MOVIE:  "Planes Fire and Rescue"
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?  "I don't wanna be a man, Mama!  I want to stay a big boy and play with you!"

As birthday boy, Ka got to choose the dinners for the week.  He chose Bratwurst, Jumbalya, Pancakes, Pizza and Chick-Fil-A!  Not bad!  I thought we were gonna be eating PB&Jelly and chicken nuggets all week.....they never even made the menu!  Thank Goodness!  Ha ha!

Sharing a few other photos from the day!  And will share more after his Birthday Party next week with his friends!

One present I did not wrap was waiting for him to wake up!
And of course we had to leave him a note on the easel! ;)

"I'm an artist!"  {check out his morning hair!}

Elf David arrived for a birthday visit!

Had to put a birthday candle in his egg bake!

I made my mini Star Wars fan a birthday cake!

We had a great mommy-son morning, then went to pee wee soccer, where this sweet boy became completely pooped!  All of the birthday excitement on top of soccer made him more than ready for a birthday nap!  He was out like a light!

Birthday presents were opened in shifts, much like we do at Christmastime, thus spreading the fun and good cheer all throughout the day!  Daddy came home mid morning to open some presents, and others were saved for when Big Brother came home after practice!

And birthday cake was saved for the evening when Daddy and Big Brother could be home to join in on the fun!

JOY exudes from this boy daily, but today was a special treat, watching him soak up turning FOUR!!!



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Meleah said...

It's hard to believe he's 4 already! Time flies when you're having fun and making memories:). Happy Birthday Kaleab!

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