Saturday, November 1, 2014

We're Home

We made it home late Wednesday night.

It felt good to be in hubby's arms.

And, bless his heart, we came home to a cleaned, dusted and vacuumed home!  As well as this beautiful bouquet of flowers that express his beautiful love for us!……


My words are void as I try to express my gratitude to ALL of you who have BLESSED us with your words, prayers and encouragement.  So many of you "get it" and for that I am eternally grateful.  Your heartfelt ways of reaching out to me have literally been my lifeline.  And will continue to be in the days ahead.

I want to THANK my dear sweet friend, Wendy, who brought us a yummy soup and delish red wine our first night home.  Both the soup and your thoughtfulness warmed my soul ~ and the red wine was the key to relaxation!  Your sweet friendship is a blessing, my friend!

Ashlynn…...your precious "ray of sunshine" was so thoughtful!  The thirty-one bag filled with all things yellow, to bring sunshine to my days has done just that!  And the movie!  Oh, "Mom's Night Out" is just as bit funny as peeps have said it was!  Thanks for the laughs.  I needed them!  And what a great family cuddle night we had on the couch last night…sprinkled with your chocolate!  Your thoughtfulness abounds!

My emotions are on quite the roller coaster ride.  I feel sick and want off.

I'm reminded of how Jesus asked God if the burden of his crucifixion could be removed…"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."  {Luke 22:42}

Jesus wanted to skip that dark and scary and painful chapter.  And yet, He wanted more than anything for God's will to be carried out above His own.  

Now, I'm not saying IN ANY WAY that this chapter of our adoption comes even close to comparing to the crucifixion of Jesus.  What I am saying, is that the crucifixion reminds me of Jesus' faithfulness.  His steadfastness.  

Jesus stuck it out.  

He walked out a much harder sacrifice…….all the while trusting that God's will was better than His own.  Trusting that God's ways were higher than His ways.  

This encourages me.  Though I may not like where we are right now, Jesus endured much worse, and still offered God his complete surrender and trust.

I want to do the same.  I want to walk out God's plan for us.  For our family.  

Though fear and doubt exist, I don't want them to hinder our trust and belief in God.

I want to continue to completely surrender and trust that God's ways are higher.  

I want to trust that He WILL bring us through this.  That there will be Joy in the morning, if we can just endure the present darkness.

We do BELIEVE that God has a baby girl for us.  And He will bring her to us, and us to her.

At the right and perfect time.  HIS divine time.

Until then…..we endure the sorrow.  We ask God to heal our broken hearts.  We thank Him for the love that surrounds us.

And we pray that He brings the light.  Soon.

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Jodi said...

Welcome home! May your home and family be a refuge and comfort in the days to come.

Debb said...

THANKS, Jodi!!! That is EXACTLY what being home with all of us together is these days….my refuge!! Love how you put that, because it is the best medicine for my soul! :)) Blessings to you, my friend!

GirlLearningPatience said...

You are so strong, and encouraging. We are so sad for your current pain, and find joy in the fact that you can still give thanks to God for the things and people he has blessed you with. We are in a very messy, very difficult adoption situation and we have had our daughter home for almost 4 months, with uncertainty of whether we will lose her in the end. Your comments, your references to scripture, and your courage are so uplifting. Please keep us posted on your journey, and know that we are on it with you. - The Flinn Family

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