Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Dark Before the Light...

Things seem dark, yes.

We wonder why God would allow us to hurt like this, Oh yeah…..

And yet, we hold on to Him.  Trusting that His bigger picture will hold a beauty beyond our comprehension.  Knowing that there are things we cannot see happening, to bring us a better ending.

 (thanks for this verse Kylie girl!)

There is good for those who love God.

We have to wait for the light.

The pain we are feeling won't compare to the joy that is coming.

This is why I dare to believe I still have a reason to sing
{even though I'm not yet singing again}.

This  is what allows us to believe that we are in the dark before the morning.

And what a beautiful morning awaits us.


Hit play to listen to the words of this song.
Let them soak deep into your soul.
And remember them.
We are.

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Anonymous said...

I keep praying for you all whenever you come to my mind! I also keep praying for a new post to let us know how your boys enjoyed Christmas this year, hint, hint :-) I always love to hear how other adoptive families celebrate!
May God continue to lead and bless you with what you need today and everyday!

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