Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Still catching up from June.

June 8th, Jeff and I shared our SIXTH Wedding Anniversary on the day of my brother's wedding!

It was such a precious day to be at a wedding that was so sentimental to us.......ON the day of our own wedding six years later!  It definitely made us nostalgic as we thought back to our big day!

It was surreal to be sitting at the wedding and joining the celebrations following the ceremony with.our.boys!!!  ALL of our hopes and dreams about our family have been faaarrrr surpassed by our sons!!  God is sooooo GOOD!



 6 Years later....at Duke's Wedding!

I cannot forget to share how thoughtful Jeff was for our anniversary.

The boys and I left five days early, with Jeff arriving the Thursday before the wedding.  ALL of my family is back there, so we needed extra days to be able to have any quality time with anyone, and Jeff could not take that much time off.

W-E-L-L.........while Daddy was home and his flock was away, Daddy was a BUSY man!

He wrapped a present for me to open that had blown up pictures of..........

.........our BEDROOM RE-DONE!......

I had bought us new eggplant-colored bedding {had not even gotten it on our bed} before leaving, and had breathed word of my visions of having a grey-eggplant color scheme in our room.  He had easily agreed to the color theme!

After going to my new hair dresser, I made mention that when it comes time to go grey in our room, I thought the grey in her salon would be perfect!

So, dear sweet hubs got busy after our departure.

He called my new hair dresser to learn of the paint color and got the correct paint.  He had ordered our bed and another dresser before I had even left for the wedding!  He went to town one night and got the room painted, and even went shopping for a new ceiling light {after noticing on his own that our current ceiling light/fan no longer matched the room!....double kuddos!}, and he picked an amazing and beautiful light!

Needless to say, I was WOWED!!!  And coming home to the room was even better, as the pictures did not do justice to the gorgeous color of the painted walls or the new furniture {that totally matched the current dresser by the way}!


Before I opened the present, he asked if I knew what symbolized the SIXTH wedding anniversary.  Which is wood, for those of you who forgot!

Yes, my WOOD furniture and newly painted bedroom was an incredible and sweet surprise, indeed!

THANK YOU, Honey, for honoring our day in such a thoughtful and HUGE way!  It all turned out beautiful!  Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten!  You bless me!  Not just because you acknowledged our anniversary in such an AWESOME way; but because of the love and leadership you provide.

YOU are the faceless man I was always dreaming of and praying for all those years!  YOU are the man that encourages me to pursue my dreams.  YOU are the man who fills my heart with love overflowing.  YOU are the man God had chosen for me from the beginning!

And what a precious gift you are!!!

So excited to share a lifetime of anniversaries with YOU!!!

All My Love................


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