Sunday, June 16, 2013

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY HONEY!  My honey just came to me and stated that this was one of the BEST weekends he has had in a very long time!

Weekend Goal:  Celebrating the wonderful father (and husband) that Jeff is, while having fun family time.....especially since he wasn't on call all weekend long!

Goal Accomplished!

We didn't have any real big plans, as we had just returned home from celebrating my brother's wedding in Wisconsin late Tuesday night.  But this weekend was proof that love and joy can so be in the small things!

Water Fountain fun downtown 

Ready to swim!

My Three Boys!

Hanging out with mom and dad while Kaleab naps

Time at the shooting range

Honey, you are such an amazing man.  Watching you love on and father our boys makes only fall deeper in love with you daily.  All three of us are so BLESSED to have YOU leading us spiritually; providing for us ~ allowing me to stay at home where I can best mother our boys; playing with us ~ adding so much love to our hearts and home; and we are all blessed to have YOU kissing us good morning with each new dawn and good night with every evening.  We love who you are.  What you do for us.  And how you love us.  Such a great example of how God loves us!  Steadfast.  Unconditional.  Gentle.  Patient.  Enjoying opportunities to fill our hearts to overflowing.  Finding joy in surprising us.

We love you.  We are blessed by you!

Our weekend was relaxing and filled with love and laughter.  Each one of us goes to bed tonight with more joy, more love and more peace.  Thankful we got to have Daddy all to ourselves for the whole entire weekend!  {big mama smile inserted here}


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