Saturday, April 6, 2013


OH, DEAR!  This Mama is still not in the swing of being a blogging mama!  I still haven't posted Kaleab's 2nd birthday pictures, other than the one of he and I during our sweet time at the coffee shop the morning of his birthday!  Shame on me!
Birthday morning

Daddy was going to be out of town the days surrounding Kaleab's birthday, so we gave him one of his bigger presents on Saturday before Jeff left town {it turned out that Jeff's Saturday flight got cancelled and he didn't have to leave until Sunday! Yay!}  K sure didn't mind getting a present two days early!
Beyond excited to have his own slide!

 He found a substitute ball since the balls
 that came with it weren't blown up yet...
football, basketball....all the same, right!?!?

 Lovin' on his new toy!

Our sweet boys' smile, giggles, jumps up and down, and his repeated screaming, "Ka's slide!  My slide!" assured us that he loved his present!  It fills many of his passions....climbing, sliding, and playing with soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs!  I am so glad we gifted it early so Jeff could see the joy!

Since Daddy was still home on Sunday, we decided to keep the early birthday celebration going.  Jeff secretly put together Kaleab's present from Sattie and Dub (Jeff's parents)........
In action....on his NEW TRAMPOLINE!!!

He takes turns bringing each of his toys into the trampolene!
This was the Elmo backpack's turn....

On Monday, February 25th, Kaleab awoke as an official TWO YEAR OLD!  I can hardly believe he is TWO!!!  My how this blessed year has FLOWN by!  I am soaking in every minute of this fun stage!

After he and I took Sami to school, we stopped and enjoyed our date at "our" coffee shop.  He loved face timing with Daddy while there!  And of course, he had to take Woody along for the ride!

We continued to enjoy our day together, going on a mama-son hike and ending at a park.  After we picked up Sami from school, we took Kaleab to McDonalds for ice cream.  This was his first visit to McDs, and he was way more enthralled with the play area than having any ice cream!  

We then returned home so Kaleab could finish opening his presents, and we then headed to Red Robin (or "Robin Hood" as Kaleab and Sami call it), for a super fun birthday dinner.  As always, he captured the waitstaff's heart!!!

 You'd have to understand this sweet boys LOVE
of trucks to understand his total excitement over
getting a "brown truck!" {UPS truck} from Sami

It's all about cars and trucks!

I'll spare you each pic of each present, but it was so much FUN to have him understand presents, unwrapping them and knowing that they were HIS presents!  Precious.

We saved the big birthday party for the weekend after his birthday, so that Daddy would be home.   Will save those pics for next post!


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