Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a Lovely Day(s)!

What a great Valentine's Day we had!  My heart was filled to overflowing just having both boys HOME to share our love with in person!!!!

Valentine's started a day early for us, in that my honey planned a surprise FIRST DATE for us!  First date, meaning first date for the two of us in over a year!!!

He arranged to have the boys play with some of our dear friends and their kiddos ~ and the mutual love between these five kids is AWESOME!!!  THANK YOU, Caycee and Jon, for loving our kiddos and allowing them to play with your three sweets!

Jeff and I started the date with a run together.  Man, we haven't run together for almost two years, with his work schedule and all!  We used to do that a lot when we were dating!  It as a sunny and warm wonderful afternoon for a run!

We then got all dressed up and headed to Chandlers, a restaurant we like to go to for special occasions.  As always, the food was incredible and our time together was priceless!  Caycee encouraged me, "Try not to spend the whole night talking about the boys!"  Great advice.  Though we did enjoyed some chit chat about our precious boys, I am happy to report that we also had a wonderful time just catching up on one another, life, dreams, etc!!!!!

Another sweet gift to my heart was seeing the BIG SMILES on all five of the children's faces upon returning to pick up our sons!  A grand night for all, it seemed!

I had fun Valentine's Day morning making these pancakes for breakfast!  They were a hit with all THREE of my boys!  Ha!

The remainder of the morning was spent with my little peanut while Daddy was working and Sami was at school.

I also got to try out a new recipe for a yummy Red Velvet sheet cake with chocolate frosting for our small group who would be joining us that evening for dinner and dessert!  Kind of funny that I failed to photo the finished product (it was a busy night), but I did capture the colorful batter I made for it!

Jeff worked right up to the wire the evening of Valentines' Day, but made it home in time for us to open small presents that we gave one another.  And the boys had fun opening their cards (with money!) from my Dad and Doreen and Sattie and Dub!

Again, being so close to guests arriving, I failed to get photos!  Bummer!  I did capture these pics the next morning, and that afternoon the boys opened the Valentine package from Grandma Faithie!......

 Roses from honey.....Chocolates from my boys!

 Sami loved his sweatshirt from Gma Faithie!

Sweet K excited about all the 
bright colored bags and presents!

The special Valentine's Dinner I planned for the four of us for Friday got detained.  Jeff had work and Sami had soccer.  That's okay, we had such a fun celebration Wednesday and Thursday, it felt like I was trying to stretch Valentine's Day out too long.  Ha!  

So......fondue awaits us one night not too far off!

I know that some peeps don't care for Valentine's Day, saying that we should demonstrate our love to people daily.  I don't disagree with this philosophy!  We really should our love on others every day, and I sincerely strive to do just that!

But.......for those of you who know me, and know the sentimental sap that I am, you won't be surprised to hear me say that I.LOVE.VALENTINE'S.DAY!!!!  

Nothing wrong with setting aside another special day to remember to shower the love!!!!!

My, what a blessing it was this year to be celebrating with our boys HOME!!!!  I got to hug them and kiss them and love on them IN PERSON instead of from half a world away!!!  Nothing could fill my heart more!

I am beyond blessed by all THREE of my boys, and what a special Valentine's Day we had!

Hope you all did too!


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