Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Did You Drink Water Today?

I bet you didn't have to journey miles to get it.

Nor did you spend an entire day just getting water for you and your family.

I am certain, if you live in America, that you did not have your life and/or safety threatened while obtaining it.

And lastly, I bet the water that you drank today did not threaten your life or the life of your children because of how FILTHY it is!


All we have to do is turn a knob and CLEAN water runs out of our faucets!  

We have enough water that we think nothing of playing with it/wasting it for our own entertainment (think pools, water fights, slip and slide)! 

Keeping in the them of LOVE this week.......

........won't you please help my husband in his venture to raise enough funds to build a WATER WELL, providing CLEAN WATER for people in ETHIOPIA!!!??!!??

May the love in your heart overflow to clean water for someone in Ethiopia!  TODAY!

Donations of any amount help!  Just $20 can provide a person with clean water!  And 100% of all donations go directly toward the well!  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!

Now that is a great way to love on another, don't ya think????!!!!???????  {wink}


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