Monday, January 7, 2013



Ethiopia is on a different calendar than ours, so it is CHRISTMAS in Ethiopia TODAY!!!!!

Oh how blessed we were to be with our boys on this precious and sacred holiday, in Ethiopia last year! Flooded with memories of this time last year.

Sharing it with both boys, Kaleab forever in our care, and Sami's court date quickly approaching!

So many amazing AWAA families to share it with......who are still precious friends today!

Job, a forever friend in Ethiopia, was kind enough to invite all of us AWAA families over to his house for Christmas dinner.  His pregnant wife worked all day to make all of us an incredible Ethiopian feast!  {unfortunately our pics of this evening got deleted accidentally on our camera....if any of you have pics, please share!}

Two days prior to the holiday, America World helped the kiddos (young ones and older ones) put on a fantastic reenactment of the Christmas story for us!  This followed by singing and treats and a joy-filled evening of excited children galore!  My heart beams as I remember the smiles, giggles and JOY spread throughout that evening!!!

Precious memories.  Unforgettable time.  Our first Christmas as a family in Ethiopia!!!  

God is good!!!

Our first family Christmas picture!

Our sweet sons.

One of my all-time fav pics!

My three boys!

 Some of us families put money together to get these 
necklaces for each AWAA child.  Sami enjoyed 
giving them out to each child.

Having fun the day of the Christmas play
(2 days before Christmas...staff would be off Christmas Day) 

Peanut in his Christmas bib the day of the play

Sami rockin' his role in the play.......

The evening ended with a traditional coffee ceremony.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our friends in Ethiopia.  We will forever carry you in our hearts and we thank you for the wonderful memories you helped create during each one of our stays in Addis.  We wish you a healthy and prosperous love-filled year.


ljwenn said...

I so enjoy seeing pictures of your boys! They are absolutely beautiful!!! We are enjoying our 4 Ethiopian grandsons so much! They have been such a blessing to us!

Debb said...

OH, aren't you so sweet! THANK YOU! They both are beautiful on the inside and out! We are so blessed by them! I so know what you mean when you say your grandsons are a blessing to you! God is soooo good! :)

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