Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweet Baby Kaleab


Let me preface this post with letting you know that I did receive a call Friday.....telling me that there ARE ossification spots on sweet Kaleab's brain!!!  The CT scan report noted nothing of intensity, size of spots, location of spots or anything.  Just that there were ossification spots confirming the toxoplasmosis diagnosis.

I was stunned.  Devastated.  My heart was so very heavy for Kaleab.

The nurse was kind enough to take time to talk with me and try to encourage me the best she could.  I am so grateful to Kristy for her compassion and time!  However, being unable to tell me where and how many and how big these spots were, I still hung up the phone feeling like I got the wind knocked out of me.

Kristy assured me the doctor would read the film and consult with the radiologist if she needed to and contact me sometime over the weekend.

I waited to say anything here or on FB until I had more information.  But my heart was dying!  We continued PRAYING and asking God to continue to protect our son.  He had, thus far, and I couldn't stop believing that He would continue to provide His divine protection!  Without such hope I was lost.  Breathless.  Exhausted.  Helpless.  Hopeless.

The dear doctor tried to call me Friday {I was anticipating Saturday or Sunday!} I MISSED THE CALL!  We all were swimming in the community pool and I never even heard my phone!  UGH!  My heart just SANK when I saw the missed call on my cell!

And so.........the extended wait into the weekend began.

After waiting A-L-L morning for the doctor's phone call, I called the clinic asking them to make certain the doctor phoned me before leaving the clinic today.  Within 2 hours, SHE CALLED!!!!

The doctor started the call with telling me that Kaleab's case of toxoplasmosis was "Really mild!"  "GREAT way to start this conversation!" I thought as my heart cautiously leaped!  She went on to say that Kaleab does have 4 ossification spots on his brain, "but they are really tiny" which is why she is thinking his case was so mild.  PRAISE GOD!!!  The spots are tiny!!!

When I asked the location of these tiny spots, she assured me that they are near the ventricles and not near any area that would affect speech or give any reason to anticipate any sort of development delays!!!!

Well, this news brought a big squeal and choked me all up!  She went on to say that they were not causing any anatomical changes, and therefore, there was no reason to believe he would suffer hydrocephalus in the future either!!!!!!

Pick. Me. Up. Off. The. Floor!!!!

By this time I was nearly speechless at God's POWER and PROTECTION!  I shared the doctor how HARD we have been praying and He answered beautifully!  She agreed and stated that she couldn't be giving me a better report {given that he had endured this disease}!

Tears have been flowing from me spontaneously since this phone call!

I am still on my knees and face THANKING GOD!  Ok, figuratively, I am Sami did have soccer, then there was dinner and I did have a baby to put down to sleep and another sweet son I wanted to spend time with! {smile}

I just held my sweet boy in my arms tonight praising our Heavenly Father.

How do you THANK your Loving Provider who provided for your sweet son so exquisitely with all that he needed to fight this battle when he was just being formed?

How do you THANK The Divine Protector who fought this parasite when Kaleab's immature immune system was not equipped?  YAY, GOD WON!!!!!

How do you THANK El Roi {The God who sees} for seeing this attack and holding our son's precious body in the very palm of His hand before, during and after?

How do you THANK The Ultimate Healer for prompting me ~ before ever receiving our referral for Kaleab ~ to pray specifically over our baby's brain/spinal cord/nervous system/organs/muscles/joints so many times I could practically say the prayer in my sleep!  In fact, I awoke so many times numerous nights feeling like I was still praying over our child/ren's bodies!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!

How do you THANK our Heavenly Father for loving me through this period of angst?  For loving me enough to forgive my moments of doubt and fear.  For loving me enough to cover me with His peace and His strength to endure these last couple of weeks.  For loving me enough to lift this crazy heavy weight on my chest and helping me to breathe normally again.

How do you THANK The Ultimate Teacher?  God used this time to remind me that HE.HAS.MY.CHILDREN. under His wing!  He loves them even more than I do!  He constantly reminded me that He holds my children in the palm of His hand.  ALWAYS.   And yes, He even used these last two weeks to address some fears of mine that still lingered {for another time another post}.

The blessing of this GREAT news has nothing to do with who we are nor does it have anything to do with anything that we did.

It DOES, however, have everything to do with God's GREAT gift of His mercy and grace.

Still speechless {or am I.....this was a long post!}.
Still in awe.
Still in an attitude of gratefulness.


Brittni and Daniel said...

Amazing news, and so happy for your family! Been praying since I found your blog (which was the day you posted about the possibilities of what all could go wrong in the future).
Thankful that God IS WITH US! Always!
matthew 28:20

Alison said...

TEARS!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Meleah said...

Praise the Lord:)

Cyndee said...

Deb, You don't know me, I am Shannon's mom who had the immense privilege of meeting and videotaping Sami in Ethiopia on our visit there. I have been following your blog and praise God with you for all the incredible blessings he has brought into your life. May he continue to guide and bless and may you continue to "hold His hand in the journey!" :-) said...

I just happened upon your blog post as I Googled the name, Kaleab. That is our sons name whom we adopted from Ethiopia a little over a year ago. I was researching the name for some school homework for him. We changed his name just a bit to Kaleb - he's 8 years old -- but we love the fact that his Ethiopian parents gave him a Christian name. Anyway, read your blog post and am so thankful that you got a good report for your little guy. Praise the Lord!

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