Thursday, August 2, 2012

...And So We Rest....

Kaleab rests.  Because it is nap time.  NOT because he is all groggy from sedation for his CT scan!  Thank you, sweet Jesus!

I was a nervous wreck before taking Kaleab in for his CT scan this morning.  I did feel the peace many were praying for us, though I couldn't shake the nervousness of knowing we were going in for a test that was going to have such a BIG influence on our lives!

My nerves calmed some when Kaleab and I met up with Jeff at the hospital.  Just before giving Kaleab the sedation medication, I asked Jeff to inquire if they were running at all behind {which would mean I should wait on giving Kaleab his medication}.  Just as he was asking, the lady appeared to take us back to the scan.......and she said she thought she could do the scan WITHOUT SEDATION!!!!!!!!!

Yup!  It worked!  We gave him his bottle and both mommy and daddy got to be right there with him as he went into the scan machine!  KALEAB DID GREAT!!!!

So, our sweet baby is soundly sleeping because he is tired, NOT because he was drugged!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!  That was a gift to Kaleab but also to mama, as I SO did NOT want him to have to be sedated!!!!  Another answered prayer!!!!!

THANK YOU to each and EVERY one of you who are covering our son in prayer!!!!

And THANK YOU, sweet Caycee, for helping Sami have such a FUN DAY today!  It sure beats hanging out at a hospital waiting for your brother to get his brain scanned!  I LOVE you and your family so very much!

I sang "Jesus Loves Me" to Kaleab before his nap today {as I do every nap and bedtime} and I wanted to share with you how God has ~ and is ~ using this song to speak to me.

First, in Ethiopia, when Jeff had to return to the States before us, I recall singing that song and having tears fill my eyes, as God "asked" me if I really truly believed that HE loved ME!  God knew that I knew how much He loved Sami and Kaleab......but did I truly believe deep.down.inside that HE love ME!!??!!??

He used those sweet weeks in ET to remind me of His beautiful and unconditional love for ME!

Well.......these past two weeks {since getting the toxo diagnosis for K}, when I sing the words of this simple, yet rather profound song, I {again} often cry.  Especially when I come to the words, "....little ones to Him belong......they are weak but He is strong.....Yes, Jesus loves me!....Yes, Jesus loves me!....."

Because now this same sweet song speaks to my soul regarding how POWERFUL and STRONG our God is!  Even when our babes are just developing and have not yet entered into this world, HE IS THERE!  He is their ever-present strength!  He battled this toxoplasmosis for Kaleab when his immature immune system could not!

Jesus is using this same song to remind me that  HE.WAS.THERE.  With Kaleab.  Inutero.  When Kaleab was not even a fully developed baby GOD.WAS.THERE.  He held Kaleab in the palm of His hands.  Just as He did those months following, in the orphanage.  Just as He does now.

And so I rest in this knowledge.  This divine reminder that God was.........and is............and always will  With us.  WITH us!  And as my dear friend, Leah, reminds the center of HIS will is exactly where we want to be!

And so I will try to rest my heart and head these next few days of waiting.  I will stop trying to tell God how to work this all out.  I have again laid my precious son at the feet of Jesus.  And now all God wants me to do is TRUST.  And pray.  Without ceasing.  While leaning on my Heavenly Father.  THE ALMIGHTY PHYSICIAN.  HEALER.  PROVIDER.  LOVER OF OUR SOUL.

We anticipate hearing the results of the scan by Monday at the latest.  So, now we wait........and keep praying for our precious Kaleab!!!!!!


Alison said...

Just now catching up on your blog, Debb! Will be praying for sweet Kaleab!!!

Karen said...

Debb - I missed your previous post about the checkup and diagnosis and just caught up with your blog tonight. So sorry and sad to hear that pain and worry in your voice. We are praying for you all! love, Karen Wistrom

Heather and Adam said...

Deb, we are just getting caught up on all that is going on as well. We are covering you, Jeff, Sami and especially sweet Kaleab in our prayers tonight! Love you guys, Heather Cheney

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