Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CT update and Good Times on the Lake!

Kaleab's CT scan of his brain is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, Aug 2nd!  It appears God has not only spared his vision, but his hearing as well!  PRAISE GOD!  Now we await the results of the CT scan.  PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR A CLEAR BRAIN SCAN!!!!!!!!

Trying to stay focused on the GOOD things of life (click here to read why if you missed my last post) and wanted to share with you pictures of our first boat outing with the boys!  We took my mom to the airport and had our teary "see ya soon!" back on July 11th and then went out on the lake to lighten my heart!

I was so proud of both boys!  Kaleab LOVED being in the water and would fuss anytime we brought him back out and into the boat!  So cute!  And Sami!  What a brave young boy he is!  He went from first being afraid to enter the water (asked if sharks and almost any other kind of animal lived in the lake).......to going in but not letting go of the boat........to letting go and swimming around the boat.....to even trying to get up on the wake board!!!!  What an amazing boy!  He faces his fears so bravely!

Yes, it was the first boat outing for both boys.  Yes, it was as much FUN as the pictures portray!  And YES!  It lightened my heart after having to see my mom off at the airport!

 First time surfing the wake!

Sami decided to try....

.......Uh Oh!.....

 Such determination!

 Just chillin' together.... 


 So determined!

 Yup!  He even dances on the boat!

 Sweet babe.

Precious son.

 Trying with Dad.


 So sweet!

 LOVE this pic!

 My boys!

 Such brotherly love.

 Oh yeah!.....

 Happy Family!

 The Gang that day!

 Sami and me

 A beautiful sunset to end the day.....


Courtney said...

These photos just melt my heart! Love is written all over each photo:)

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