Thursday, June 7, 2012

Look Who Got Their Hair Cut!

Friday of last week was haircut day for the boys!

I wasn't sure how Kaleab would do, but anticipated a big rebel against it.

And that is exactly what happened.  At first.

He sat in my lap on the chair but whenever Valentino even came close to him, he freaked.  We really thought his haircut wasn't going to happen that day.

We even tried putting the apron on Mommy.

We then had Sami go first, in hopes that Kaleab would "watch and learn."  He kept looking over at Sami, taking note of how Sami was letting Valentino get close to him and even touch his hair.  In addition, Jeff took him over to another barber chair and sat with him on his lap, getting him used to the new and different kind of chair.

Both things helped!

Sami got a GREAT hair cut!  We let him pick out the style of cut he wanted, from the variety of pictures Valentino had on his wall.  I was ever so happy that he chose THE ONE I liked the best!  And I didn't even comment to persuade him to like it!

It was so fun to watch Sami watch Valentino in the mirror.....and watch his hair come off and get styled....Valentino brought out the straight edge and all!  He is a real artist!  I don't know what I loved more......Sami's new hair........or the HUGE SMILE Sami had on his face when Valentino was done!


He looked a bit uncertain at first.....

...but soon was trusting Valentino and lovin' his 'do!

 See what I mean about V being an artist?!?!

My, what a handsome boy Sami is!  I hated to see his awesome tight curls go, but I love his new hair too!

Then it was Kaleab's turn.  Again.

It went MUCH better the second time around.  Since daddy was already holding him in a barber chair, I suggested that he just move on over to Valentino's chair.  Then, Sami and I (when I wasn't taking pictures) tried to play with and distract Kaleab while Valentino cut his hair.  V was great.  Whenever Kaleab would look up at V, he would pretend he was cutting Jeff's hair!  It worked!  Kaleab totally felt safe!

It takes a talented hair stylist to cut hair on a head that is so repeatedly and suddenly moving!  

And Sami was such a wonderful big brother and playful distraction!  He really saved the day!

 When Kaleab was done.....

...he was done.....

Luckily, when Kaleab was "over" getting his hair cut, Valentino was pretty much finished.  

And now, both of our handsome boys are even more handsome!  

It was a fun family affair! 


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