Monday, May 7, 2012

day 2

Our second day together as a family of four was a special one as well.

The morning started with us standing on the very same rooftop that Jeff and I stood on in July, waving to Sami at KVI, a few rooftops over from our Guest House.  Only THIS morning, we were standing WITH Sami, waving to his friends at KVI!  Seemed surreal to have that precious boy who stole my heart in July, standing NEXT TO ME as OUR SON!!!  What a miraculous God we serve, indeed!

We started our journey for this day at 8am.  Our dear friend, and guide, Yonas, and dear friend and driver, David, took us to Sami's birth town, Metehara. The three hour drive was so worth it!  The games we played on the way there (and the return) had us all laughing together.  You know, putting your arm out the window and letting the wind take control of your arm; singing; thumb wrestling; and making funny noises as the van went over the many many bumps and potholes!  Even Kaleab chimed in on making the funny noises with the bumps!

We got to see where Sami grew up ~ his home, the hospital in which he was born, the main soccer field that Sami played in growing up, and even the elementary school he attended.  We met many people who literally swarmed Sami to give him their hugs and well wishes. It was as if he was a celebrity! (smile)


 Hospital Grounds.

 Mango Tree.

Soccer Field Sami grew up playing on.

Sami grew up in a very HOT and somewhat humid countryside. It is a close community, as evidenced by the many peeps who couldn't wait to shower him with love! The beautiful trees with orange blossoms just
 radiated beauty.

And the beauty went beyond the trees.  The people we met from Sami's life there were beautiful through and through.  Such an incredible experience to share WITH SAMI his life in Metahara.  Priceless.  Absolutely priceless!


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I love your pictures!!!!!!! I love how happy and excited you all look!

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